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Chapter 1709: Are You Still Human

Shi Nancang subconsciously thought that Shi Xiaoya was eating together with her work studio colleagues.

After all, they booked a whole room.

There would surely be a lot of people.

“Big Brother, did you drink” Shi Xiaoya quickly changed the topic, afraid that Shi Nancang would ask who she was eating with.

“I drank a little, but its fine.

Im not driving.

Ill ask the chauffeur to come and fetch me.” Shi Nancang did not think much about who Shi Xiaoya was eating with either.

Because never in his dreams would he imagine that Shi Xiaoya was eating with the Han Family members.

“Okay, but drink less too.

You wont feel comfortable if you drink too much,” Shi Xiaoya reminded him.

Shi Nancang felt really comforted by his younger sisters concern and happily agreed.

“Dont worry.

Oh, right, what time are you guys ending Its so late already, dont go home alone.

Tell me once youre done, Ill send you back.”

“Theres no need.

Arent you having a gathering with your friends It wont end so quickly, right” Shi Xiaoya quickly said.

“Were not drinking, and we will leave after eating dinner.

Were leaving soon.

Also, Ill be calling a car from the company to fetch me back.

Dont worry.”

“Alright, then.” Shi Nancang thought about it and said again, “But just give me a call when you end, so that I know what time youll reach home.

Then I can be assured.”

“I got it!” Shi Xiaoya waved at Shi Nancang and said, “Quick, go back in.”

As she said that, Shi Nancangs friends were also urging him to come in.

The door to Shi Nancang and his friends room opened, and a young man walked out.

He was around the same age as Shi Nancang and was tall and handsome.

He had a resigned smile on his face.

When he saw that Shi Xiaoya was around, he said in surprise, “Xiaoya is here too Are you here to find Nancang Come on in.”

“Brother Shen, I came here to eat with my friends, and I happened to bump into my big brother,” Shi Xiaoya said with a smile.

“What a coincidence.” Shen Shian smiled and said, “I havent seen you in a long time.

When you are free next time, Ill treat you to a meal.”

Shi Xiaoya took it that he was being polite and did not take it to heart, so she carelessly agreed on the spot, “Sure.”

The moment Shi Nancang saw that, he immediately said, “Arent you eating with friends Im assured now that Ive seen you.

Quick, go back in.”

“Okay.” Shi Xiaoya waved at them and said, “Then Ill take my leave first, Big Brother.

Bye, Brother Shen.”

Shen Shian smiled and waved back at Shi Xiaoya, until Shi Xiaoya returned to her room.

Shi Nancang narrowed his eyes and looked at Shen Shian cautiously.

“You punk, its not the first day youve met my younger sister.

Why are you suddenly asking her out for a meal”

Shen Shian: “…”

Shit, forgot this dude is a serial younger sister control freak.

Shen Shian rubbed the space between his eyebrows helplessly and said, “She was still young last time, so I treated her like a younger sister.

But now that shes grown up, I realized that, when she smiled at me, her smile goes all the way to my heart.”

Shi Nancang cursed in his heart.

“I treat you like a friend, but you actually want to flirt with my younger sister!”

Shen Shian: “…”

“Why do you make it sound so ugly What do you mean flirt I have decent good feelings for your younger sister.

If possible, I am very serious about dating her with marriage as the prospect,” Shen Shian said helplessly.

“My younger sister is still young!” Shi Nancang said angrily.

“Are you still human”

“…” Shen Shian raised his eyebrow and said, “I mean, your younger sister is already 24 years old.

Its not like shes underage.

I like her, and I want to woo her.

Whats wrong with that How am I inhuman because of that”

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