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Chapter 1714: Ill Send You Personally Next Time

Shi Xiaoya widened her eyes instantly and quickly picked up her phone to look.

She had turned off the lights and her eyes had already gotten used to the darkness.

Her phone screen suddenly lit up, and the light from the screen was so piercing that she could not even open her eyes.

But Shi Xiaoya still wanted to see Han Zhuolings reply at the first instance.

She covered her eyes with her hand and squinted, forcing herself to look at the phone screen through the spaces between her fingers and slowly getting used to the phone screen brightness.

Finally, she could see Han Zhuolings reply clearly.

“I was bathing just now and did not see.

Its good that youre home.”

He made it sound as if he was not even assured even if her own elder brother had sent her home.

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and did not know what else she could say, so she sent an emoji of sending flowers to him.

Seeing the cute emoji, Han Zhuoling could not help but imagine how Shi Xiaoya would look like when she was giving flowers.

It actually looked strikingly similar to this cute emoji.

Although he had never actually seen it before, picturing it in his mind made him feel like it was the same.

But right after that, he saw Shi Xiaoya send another message.

“You sent me flowers last time, so Im returning them with this emoji.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

“So, you think this is how I look like when I was sending you flowers” Han Zhuoling asked.

It was cute if it was associated with Shi Xiaoya.

But linking this emoji with him made him feel really dumb.

Shi Xiaoya did not know what got into her just now that made her send that message to him.

She regretted it right after sending it.

Why did she bring up the past for no reason!

His sending her flowers had been so long ago.

How strange would it be now that she brought it up again

Shi Xiaoya was thinking whether Han Zhuoling saw it.

He wont possibly check his WeChat at the first instance, right

If she retracted the message now, it might just be in time.

Alas, shed received such a reply from Han Zhuoling.


There was no use even if she deleted the message.

He had seen it already.

Deleting it now would just make things even more awkward.

Shi Xiaoya felt extremely flustered.

She did not dare to retract the message, but her face was heating up a lot.

Next, Han Zhuoling sent another message.

“And for all those times, its Xiao Zhang whod sent them on my behalf.

Its not considered to be from me personally.

The image of this emoji seriously doesnt fit well with mine.”

Shi Xiaoya stared at the words and pictured Han Zhuoling explaining it with a serious face.

She could not help but smile, and her cheeks reddened even quicker as she did.

Instantly, Han Zhuoling sent another message.

“Ill send it personally next time, so you can see whether I look like that or not.”


It was the sound of Shi Xiaoyas jaw dropping to her chest.

Her mouth fell wide open.

What… whats going on

Han Zhuoling was going to send her flowers personally

No need, right!

“Young Master Ling, theres no need.

Its not like theres something special going on.” Shi Xiaoya immediately sent the message over and added, “I was just kidding.”

After Shi Xiaoya sent that, she quickly typed another message.

“Youre definitely different from this emoji.”

Han Zhuoling did not fall for the catch in her words and changed the topic to ask, “You havent slept yet Or were you awoken by my message”

Although shed turned off the lights already, she really could not sleep.

So Shi Xiaoya said, “I didnt fall asleep.”

“Its already so late, but youre not sleeping” Han Zhuoling frowned slightly.

“Its not good to stay up late.

Sleep earlier.”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself that Han Zhuoling actually had the cheek to say that of others

He himself clearly stayed up late to work every day.

“Then dont just talk about me,” Shi Xiaoya replied.

“You stay up late all the time yourself.”

Han Zhuoling smiled and replied, “Im not staying up tonight.

You sleep early too.”

When Shi Xiaoya saw that, she immediately urged him, “Then you should quickly go and sleep too.

You said it, you wont stay up late tonight.”

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