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Chapter 1715: A Kiss Before Leaving

“Okay, its a promise.” Han Zhuoling could not help but smile as he typed the two words.

“Good night.”

At this moment, he really felt like saying these two words to her face.

He had a sudden urge and almost wanted to give her a video call.

When Shi Xiaoya saw these two words and realized that she could not chat anymore with him, she typed the words “Good night” and sent it over, feeling a little disappointed.


The next day, the phone which Lu Man had placed beside her pillow rang at 7 am sharp.

Afraid that she would disturb Han Zhuoli in his reset, Lu Man deliberately set the alarm to vibration mode.

She turned off the phone alarm and took her phone, about to get up from bed.

Alas, the moment she sat up, her waist had been circled by a long arm.

She knew who it was without needing to look.

“Youre awake” As Lu Man asked, Han Zhuoli pulled her back to a lying-down position.

Han Zhuoli locked Lu Man in his embrace with his hands and legs, as if he was hugging a life-sized doll.

He hugged Lu Man tightly in his arms and even buried her face in his chest.

Hearing Lu Mans question, Han Zhuoli mumbled sleepily, “No, Im not awake.

I will continue hugging you to sleep.”

Lu Man laughed and planted a kiss on his naked chest.

Her face happened to be pressed against his chest, so it was exceptionally convenient.

“The exchange team from New York is leaving today.

The participating teams from the four schools all have to send them off, so I have to go to the school,” Lu Man explained.

It was rare that on a Sunday, Han Zhuoli had time to rest properly.

She did not want to wake him up.

Who knew that he was so sensitive even when he was asleep.

When she slightly moved, even if she was really careful, he still woke up.

“Continue sleeping,” Lu Man said in a soft voice and planted another kiss on his chest.

Han Zhuoli did not say anything, but he refused to let her go and was still hugging her so tightly.

After a while, Han Zhuoli was heard grumbling, “Theyre so annoying.”

Lu Man laughed.

A half-awake Han Zhuoli was so childish.

After a long while, Han Zhuoli finally let go of her reluctantly.

But just as Lu Man was about to sit up, he pulled Lu Man back down again.

Lu Man did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“I really need to get up now.”

“Then give me a kiss before you go.” Han Zhuoli turned over and pinned Lu Man down.

“It was a fine Sunday and I wanted to accompany you properly.

Your school is really annoying.”

Lu Man thought about it and said, “How about I dont go There are so many people going to send them off anyway.

Its fine if Im not there.”


You should go,” Han Zhuoli said.

“You have the biggest credit for the win this time, and you won against those people hands down.

How can you not go Not only are you going, Im going too.

Ill send you there.”

“No, you are already so busy normally.

You finally have time to rest.

You should stay at home and rest.

It wont take much time, Ill just go there to show my face and will probably make it back by noontime,” Lu Man said.

Right after she finished speaking, Han Zhuoli suddenly came down on her with a kiss.

He kissed Lu Man until she felt a little dazed, making her forget what she wanted to say just now.

The dazed and confused Lu Man was pulled up by him.

When Lu Man regained her senses, Han Zhuoli had actually changed out first.

Lu Man, who wanted to wake up early to go to school, ended up being one step later than Han Zhuoli.

Seeing that he had already changed into his clothes and packed his things, Lu Man had no choice and did not try to stop him.

She just felt a little guilty.

It was a fine rest day, yet she made it such that he could not have a proper rest.

When Lu Man was done packing, Han Zhuoli said, “I rested quite well, and Im not tired either.

Anyway, if youre not around, I will feel bored being alone at home too.”

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