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Chapter 1716: Was He That Confident

He already said it like that, so Lu Man did not say anything else.

Both of them packed their things and ate breakfast, then Han Zhuoli drove Lu Man to the NFA.

The others gradually arrived as well.

The principals of the four schools were all there.

Everyone saw that Han Zhuoli personally drove Lu Man over today again.

For the welcome party previously, Han Zhuoli had come along because Lu Man was there as well.

When Lu Man had a competition, Han Zhuoli came to support her.

Now, Lu Man was only coming as a student representative to send the exchange team off, but Han Zhuoli also wanted to tag along.

Haha, their relationship is really good!

The others could not help but think that Han Zhuoli doted on Lu Man too much.

Today was not some big event, but Han Zhuoli wanted to come as well.

“Young Master Han.” Principal Liu quickly came over to greet him.

“I just came to send Lu Man here,” Han Zhuoli said.

The exchange team was not big enough for him to come and send them off.

The astute Principal Liu naturally understood what Han Zhuoli meant and said, “Then Young Master Han, why dont you proceed to the lounge first Were just going to send off the exchange team.

It will be over very soon, you wont have to wait for long.”

“That will be good.” Han Zhuoli nodded, and Principal Liu quickly led Han Zhuoli over personally.

He would not be assured if hed left it to someone else.

If someone was too passionate to Han Zhuoli, or if they had other designs and played some tricks in front of Han Zhuoli, he might actually trouble him, so it was not worth the risk.

Wasnt Principal Zhang a living example

“Principal Liu, wont you be sending off the exchange team in a moment” Han Zhuoli asked.

“No worries.

Theres still a bit of time.

I have time to send you over and come back,” Principal Liu explained with a smile.

Han Zhuoli chuckled.

He could guess Principal Lius concern that it might not be appropriate for others to take his place.

Being a little more cautious was not a bad idea.

After Principal Liu left with Han Zhuoli, the two principals from DFA and DAD turned to look at Principal Zhang at the same time.

“…” Principal Zhang said angrily, “What are you guys looking at me again for”

“Hah!” DADs Principal laughed and said, “Isnt the NFA getting better and better now Old Liu is not only cautious, he also knows how to handle situations.”

No matter when, he would always personally attend to Han Zhuoli.

After taking in the lesson learned from Principal Zhang fully, he knew he could not let his obtuse subordinates land him in trouble.

Taking good care of Han Zhuoli was giving Lu Man face.

The NFA was really bursting with resources now!

“Hmph!” Principal Zhang huffed angrily.

These two people, they would use Principal Liu to agitate him from time to time.

He knew, both of them just wanted to see the look of regret on his face.

Did they think he did not regret it

Of course he regretted it!

But even if he regretted it, he could not show it!

Could he possibly show his regret for them to see on top of everything!


Not long after, Principal Liu came back.

Not long after that, a huge tour bus brought the exchange team over.

The exchange team got off the bus and Luzern exchanged a few formalities with the principals.

“We hope to see you again next year!” Principal Liu said with a laugh.

Luzern: “…”

They only won just once.

Why did Principal Liu look so confident, as if they would still lose when they came back next year

Was he that confident

“Haha.” Luzerns smile did not reach his eyes.

“Its hard to say if we are still coming next year, but we will surely meet again.

Arent your students still on exchange at our school After a few months, we will have another competition between our schools again.”

“Haha.” Principal Liu also returned a fake smile to Luzern.

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