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Chapter 1718: When Did You Prepare This

Luzern really felt that there was one thing Lu Man said which was quite reasonable.

If you wanted to be arrogant, you had to have the capability to be arrogant first.

If you were not that capable, just keep a low profile.

Howard was an example.

Though he had the capability, it was not stable.

Once something went wrong, he would be easily affected and lose his usual performance standard.

Just like in the competition this time round.

If he was really capable, he would not let these things affect him and his acting would still be as good as ever.

In the end, his capability was still lacking.

Of course, this did not mean that Luzern agreed with Lu Man.

He still did not like this girl.

Who knew if Howard had taken in Luzerns words or not, but either way, he did not go back to find Lu Man again.

Yet when Luzern finally managed to pull Howard away, Shana went over to find Lu Man.

By the time Luzern saw it, Shana was already standing in front of Lu Man.

Shana was standing with her back straight and with her chin up in the air arrogantly.

“When you come to New York for that friendly competition, I will definitely beat you.

You can only manage to win once in a while, dont think that you really have the capability just because of that.”

Lu Man seemed to not mind at all and nodded.

“Then I will also work hard to improve myself, lest I get defeated by you.”

Shana scoffed and got on the bus.

When they finally sent off the people on the exchange team, everyone visibly relaxed.

The people from the exchange team were really annoying.

“Wah, my peaceful campus life is finally back,” someone remarked.

At this moment, Han Zhuoli also came out.

“Its all done” Han Zhuoli asked her.

“Yeah.” Lu Man nodded and went to say goodbye to Principal Liu.

“No worries.

Thank you for coming on a Sunday,” Principal Liu said with a smile.

“Its fine.

Ill take my leave first with Man Man,” Han Zhuoli said.

Everyone left, and Han Zhuoli drove Lu Man out of the school.

After the car had been driving for some time, Lu Man realized that they did not seem to be heading back home, but rather, driving towards Yi Garden.

Basically, it was not a route she was familiar with.

“Where are we going” Lu Man asked in confusion.

Han Zhuoli looked at her and chuckled.

“I had it all planned out originally.

Who knew that youd come to send the exchange team off today Then we will just go there straight.”

Han Zhuoli paused for a moment and said, “Were going to Qin Zigou and Shi Xiaoyas studio.”

“Why are we going there” Lu Man was confused.

Didnt they just see Shi Xiaoya yesterday

“I asked Qin Zigou to design a wedding dress for you,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Were going to try it today.”

“When did you prepare this I didnt even know,” Lu Man said in surprise.

“Very early on.

To give Qin Zigou enough time so that he can slowly design it.

As long as the wedding dress design can be unique and stunning,” Han Zhuoli said.

“But I didnt ask you beforehand which kind you liked.”

Lu Man smiled and shook her head.

“I trust Qin Zigous skills.

He will definitely design a wedding dress that will suit me based on my personality.”

Not long after, both of them reached Qin Zigou and Shi Xiaoyas work studio.

When both of them entered the work studio, Qin Zigou heard it from his assistant and came out.

“Brother Han, Lu Man,” Qin Zigou greeted.

Outsiders did not know he came from the Qin Family, which Han Zhuoli was clear about.

“Follow me in,” Qin Zigou said.

As he walked, he gave them a tour of the space.

“This is Xiaoyas workspace.

Mine is further in.”

His and Shi Xiaoyas work studio was quite huge.

“Xiaoyas not around” Lu Man asked.

“She has a job outside today, so she wont be in,” Qin Zigou explained.

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