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Chapter 1722: One of a Kind

He really liked seeing his customers looking stunned by his designs.

Lu Man could not help moving her dress around.

As she moved, the white spots of light moved along with her.

Looking at it makes it seem like a kind of special effect.

She could not help but shake the veil slightly and turn her head from left to right.

The diamond-like shine on her veil also glittered magically with her movements.

Qin Zigous voice rang out at this moment.

“Considering the fact that when you are walking on the red carpet during the wedding, the light will be quite dim all around, and the light will only focus on the bride and groom, I think just a simple white gown would be too simple and it wont stand out.”

“After all, marriage is the biggest event in ones life.

The moment you don a wedding dress, that is also a womans most beautiful moment.

Just being clad in a white dress is not enough.

We have to make everyone focus their attention on the bride, not even leaving her for a moment.”

“To be honest, when walking the red carpet, most guests actually wont really focus their attention solely on the bride.

But in my view, the bride should be the star of the whole event, and she should not be lacking in anything.”

“So I added white fluorite stones and glass species jadeites similar to the size of my fingertips but not all being of the same size into the muslin veils on the dress,” Qin Zigou explained.

He asked Han Zhuoli to walk closer and pick up a part of the outer layers of Lu Mans dress at the tail.

“The stones are hidden in the muslin veils, so it will be hardly noticeable from the outside.

Because of the weight of the fluorite and jadeite, the cascading effect of the dress is maintained even though there are several layers of veils on it.

When you are walking, the tail of the dress will sway, which will look really pretty.

The luminosity of fluorite is slightly better, so it is inter-weaved with the jadeite.

High-quality glass species jadeite will shine brightly under strong light in a dark environment.

If only jadeite was used, the illumination effect would not be so strong.”

“But the luminosity of fluorite might seem a little too obvious in the dark.

If the light on the wedding venue shines on it, it especially might be too blinding, so it is mixed together with jadeite.

When Lu Man is walking, the jadeite and fluorite stones shine at the same time, giving people the illusion that there is a white light shining through the dress.

But in fact, this is just the two stones reflecting light off each other.”

Qin Zigou put down Lu Mans wedding dress and pulled a piece of her veil to show Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

Under the only source of light in the dark, what Qin Zigou was referring to became more obvious.

“On the head veil, however, lightness is the key.

When Lu Man is walking on the red carpet, the veil would sway and move lightly towards the back.

Hence, these stones cant be used, including diamonds.

Those would all be too heavy.”

“Hence, the head veil is sewn with silver thread.

These silver threads have been infused with platinum through special technology, so its much brighter than normal silver thread.

On top of that, the silver thread is also mixed with a bit of gold thread.

Its not present in every thread.

Just as long as the silver thread is shining, a little bit of gold thread would be mixed in it to give off the feeling that theres a little bit of it here and there.

A full dress in white and silver might seem a little plain, so adding some gold thread as embellishments would make the overall look more harmonized,” Qin Zigou explained everything one by one in a detailed manner.

After hearing him explain these things, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man understood what was going on with this wedding dress.

They had to admire Qin Zigous attention to detail.

How was he so ingenious as to be able to come up with all these

This was really a one-of-a-kind wedding dress.

Even Lu Man hoped that when she was wearing her wedding dress, she would be the most beautiful, be it herself or the wedding dress.

She also looked forward to having a unique wedding dress that other people would not be able to buy even if they wanted to, a wedding dress that no one had ever worn before.

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