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Chapter 1725: Refuse to Let Go

Did they really think that despite Lu Qiyuan bullying Lu Man so badly before, Han Zhuoli would not do anything about it

He did not forget to take revenge for Lu Man.

So, the Lu Corporation was being forced to the verge of collapse by the Han Corporation.

Actually, as long as Han Zhuoli wanted to, he could totally make the Lu Corporation fold.

But he did not do it.

He deliberately wanted to keep the Lu Corporation in a precarious state, nearing the point of collapse but not quite yet.

He wanted to give Lu Qiyuan hope but also let him constantly be disappointed in spite of that hope.

But seeing that he still had some hope, he would not give up.

This was as good as saying that Han Zhuoli hung a picture of a biscuit in front of Lu Qiyuan.

It was constantly drawing Lu Qiyuan to it, constantly giving him hope that he could catch up with it, and once he did, he could make a comeback.

However, Han Zhuoli was only baiting him with it, letting him continue to have hope but never letting him catch up.

But given Lu Qiyuans conceitedness and greed, he would never give up and would only spiral deeper and deeper into it.

Han Zhuoli purposely wanted to keep Lu Qiyuan preoccupied.

He would not be able to make much money and would waste his time slogging off, but hed still have quite a bit of motivation to work hard.

Otherwise, if Lu Qiyuans company really could not hold out or completely went bust, Lu Qiyuan would come back to find trouble with Lu Man ultimately when he had nothing left to do and could not take the blow of his companys collapse.

And if the Lu Corporation really folded, He Zhengbai would immediately ditch Lu Qi.

Who knew if he would come back and pester Lu Man again

Although Lu Man would not be bothered with him, with such a pest around, it would still be annoying.

Hed abandoned Lu Man for Lu Qi back then, and Lu Qi went through many pains before she finally managed to seduce him.

The two of them really took many pains to be together no matter what.

How could they break up so easily

Even until death, he had to tie these two together.

Since He Zhengbai was only insisting on being with Lu Qi for the Lu Corporation.

Then he would keep on using the Lu Corporation to bait He Zhengbai so that he would stop coming up with wicked ideas and focus on seducing Lu Qi and keeping her by his side.

And as for the real situation of the Lu Family, Lu Qi was very clear about it.

Now that the Lu Family was in a precarious state, Lu Qi naturally had to cling on even more tightly to He Zhengbai.

So these two people going into a wedding dress shop together did not surprise Han Zhuoli at all.

And what Lu Man did not know was that Lu Qiyuan had tried to look for him quite a few times already, but those times, he did not even get to see his face before he was stopped by the security guards.

It was not that Lu Qiyuan did not try looking for Lu Man before.

But when Lu Man was in school, she would always have Xu Hui and Zhou Cheng with her, and Xiao Guo would come and fetch her after school.

Zhou Cheng and Xu Huis stalking and anti-stalking skills were top-notch.

As long as someone was watching them, both of them would notice it instantly.

Hence, Lu Qiyuan probably did not have any chance of getting close.

And when Lu Man went to Yi Garden, Wang Juhuai also knew Lu Qiyuan was not in a good state now.

Not only was he worried that he would come and harass Lu Man, he was also worried that he would pester Xia Qingwei.

Now that Xia Qingwei was pregnant, it was the most critical period.

How could he give Lu Qiyuan the chance to pester them

Hence, Wang Juhuai also arranged for men to be stationed in the vicinity of Yi Garden.

Same went for the Han Family villa.

Hence, Lu Qiyuan went one big circle and did not have a single chance of getting close to Lu Man.

Lu Man had not heard news of the Lu Family up until now, not because the Lu Family people were ashamed and deliberately kept it from her, but because Han Zhuoli prevented all these possibilities from happening so that Lu Mans life would no longer be disturbed by the Lu Family.

Hearing Han Zhuolis words, Lu Man immediately understood.

“So no matter what He Zhengbai wants to do, Lu Qi would refuse to let He Zhengbai go no matter what.”

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