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Chapter 1729: A Little Off

“This is the contract.

You dont need to rush to sign it either.

You can bring it back and see if theres any issue.

If there is, we can talk about it, and once we confirm that there are no more issues, we can sign the contract,” Xu Jiashan said.

Lu Man did not reject it and agreed to it before putting away the contract.

She decided to go back and take a proper look at it.

“Come, Ill show you around our company,” Xu Jiashan said.

“After a month or so, you will be coming here to rehearse.”

Lu Man stood up and followed Xu Jiashan out.

Xu Jiashan toured Lu Man around each part of the company.

“This is where we usually rehearse,” Xu Jiashan said.

“This is the big stage, used for the final rehearsals.

Everyone is gathered together to put up a complete production.

But because we also have some talented artistes from the film and drama fields that come here to act, sometimes their schedule does not allow them to stay here to rehearse every day.

Sometimes, when the timings dont match, we have a few other smaller rooms.

Those are for them to rehearse individually.”

Xu Jiashan then brought Lu Man to see a few small practicing rooms.

It was basically similar to the ones at the NFA.

“Director Xu.” In one of the training rooms, a female actress was rehearsing.

When she saw Xu Jiashan, she came over.

Lu Man was not familiar with actors in the theater scene.

Even if they were famous actors, Lu Man did not know many of them.

All the more, she did not know who the person before her was.

“Teacher Wu,” Xu Jiashan politely greeted.

“This is Lu Man.

She will come in for our next play.

Im showing her around to familiarize her with the place.”

“Hello, Teacher Wu.” Lu Man did not know what she taught, but since Xu Jiashan called her that, she just followed along.

Teacher Wu smiled and said, “Director Xu actually personally brought you over to familiarize you with the surroundings.”

Lu Man smiled but did not say anything.

Hearing this Teacher Wus tone, it sounded a little off.

Xu Jiashan seemed to not be able to tell and continued saying, “Although Lu Man is new, her acting is not lacking at all.

Its rare that I met such an outsanding newcomer after so many years, so I cant miss this chance.

Teacher Wu, didnt you watch the video online of Lu Mans performance”

Wu Jingli smiled.

“I saw it.

Its not bad for a newcomer.

Its good for her to come to the theater to hone her skills.”

Wu Jingli glanced at Lu Man and asked Xu Jiashan, “Is her role confirmed”

“Lu Man will play the role of Man Yun,” Xu Jiashan said.

Wu Jinglis face changed immediately.

Lu Man was a newcomer and was still a student.

For her to be able to come in and act in Xu Jiashans plays, Wu Jingli felt that Xu Jiashan could very likely be doing it on Han Zhuolis account.

And that Xu Jiashan only agreed because Han Zhuoli asked.

Spotted Lu Mans acting skills, he said She did not believe it.

She was just a student.

How good could she be

She felt that if its just to give Han Zhuoli face, it would be enough if he just randomly gave Lu Man a small role.

As long as Lu Man came in to participate, she would be able to learn many things.

This was already a huge benefit.

Who knew that Xu Jiashan would actually give Lu Man such an important role

And Man Yun was a role she had always wanted to play.

From the first time she saw the script until now, shed been mentioning to Xu Jiashan before that she wanted to play the role of Man Yun.

She knew the lead role was out of the question.

Even the most experienced actors from the film and drama fields would not be guaranteed a lead role if they came asking for it.

But these kinds of second- or third-line roles that were also quite significant, these had always been her roles to play.

Yet this time, he directly gave it to Lu Man!

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