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Chapter 1759: This Perseverance and Will, More Than Enough to Move Peoples Hearts

“Or else, why do you think Han Zhuoling would participate in the show Of course its to earn money for the Han Corporation!”

“But the show is really not bad.

They instantly outdid the other variety shows.

I already cant wait to see the next episode.”

“From the preview, it seems very good.

Han Zhuoling is in charge of crushing intelligence, while Qin Zigou is in charge of humor.


“In the past, I always thought that Qin Zigou was a cold and arrogant fashion designer, since hes so famous.

But his designs can be considered the most successful ones in the international market.

Anyway, I cant afford them, but I didnt think that he had such an interesting personality.”

“I also didnt think that Han Zhuolings IQ was so scarily high.

It makes people tremble and feel hopeless.

No wonder the Han Corporation is so amazing now.

They are almost about to acquire the whole entertainment industry under their belt.

This pair of brothers, who else can be their match”

The comments after that were all praising the show for being well-produced.

The production team was not stingy on the expenses, so the effect of the show produced was naturally very awesome.

“How is it Are the viewership ratings out yet” Lu Dongliu asked.

“Not yet.” Chi Xingrui had just ended a call with the television station.

“They are still tabulating.

It will come out in a moment.”

The editor of the official Weibo account said, “The netizens comments are all quite good.

Most of it them are positive.

There are some discordant comments.

It seems to me that theyre coming from paid posters hired by other variety shows airing during the same time.

After all, the guests we chose for our first episode are quite good.

They all have high EQ and are popular among people as well.”

Lu Dongliu nodded.

“Theres no need to care about a small minority of discordant voices.

Its impossible to make a show thats liked by everyone.”

The show lasted a total of 90 minutes.

Including the ads, by the time the show ended, it was already 11 PM.

To manage their figures, the guests usually did not eat supper.

They came over this time because they wanted to watch how the show turned out after it aired together, so they did not really eat supper.

Lu Dongliu said, “Its been hard on everyone.

You guys rushed over and still had to stay until so late.

Please have an early rest, everyone.

We still have to film early tomorrow morning.

Liu Chuanhui laughed and said, “Im still worried about the shows viewership ratings.

Please tell me when it comes out.”

“Dont worry, we will let everyone know the next morning.

If you really cant wait, when the viewership ratings come out, I will definitely send you a text on WeChat the moment I receive it.”

“Okay, send me a WeChat message, then,” Liu Chuanhui said.

Everyone left the ballroom together.

Han Zhuoling naturally walked together with Shi Xiaoya.

Yet he did not expect Jiang Yuhan to actually be thick-skinned enough to come over and squeeze Shi Xiaoya to the side, taking the spot beside Han Zhuoling.

“Young Master Ling, your performance was way too exciting in the first episode! I didnt expect the production team to set such difficult questions.

But when these difficult questions come to you, they become as easy as primary school questions.”

“You dont know this, but every time I saw the question, I would try to think of an answer as well, but I couldnt think of an answer no matter how hard I tried.

Am I too stupid” Jiang Yuhan asked.

“Yes.” Han Zhuoling had finally replied to her, but he only said that one word.

There were other people in the lift.

When they heard Han Zhuolings reply, the corners of their lips all twitched at the same time.

Jiang Yuhan laughed awkwardly, and as if she could not tell that Han Zhuoling was annoyed by her, she continued, “I wonder if tomorrow will be as difficult as the first episode.

Im so dumb, I definitely wont be able to solve it.”

Even Shi Xiaoya was amazed by how thick-skinned Jiang Yuhan was.

Even at this point, she still did not give up.

This perseverance and will were more than enough to move peoples hearts.

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