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Chapter 1760: On the Verge of Telling Her to Get Lost

“If I cant solve it, Young Master Ling, you have to help me out,” Jiang Yuhan said.

“Its a competitive game.

Why should I help you out” Han Zhuoling asked coldly.

The words were spelled out on his face.

“Who do you think you are”

It was rare that Han Zhuoling actually made his thoughts so clearly written on his face for everyone to see.

The skin near Jiang Yuhans lips trembled for a moment before she turned to Lu Dongliu.

“Director Lu, will the program tomorrow be a single or team competition”

Lu Dongliu laughed dryly and said, “The content for filming is kept secret for each episode.

Theres no script, and we certainly wouldnt reveal the content to the guests beforehand.

Only then can we produce the most authentic effect, so I cant say the answer for now.

You will know tomorrow morning when we start filming.”

Jiang Yuhan then said to Han Zhuoling, “Young Master Ling, if its a team competition tomorrow, lets be on the same team.

Then I wont have to worry.

But if were assigned to opposing teams, you definitely have to go easy.”

“Why” Han Zhuoling asked coldly.

“Huh” Jiang Yuhan was speechless from Han Zhuolings reply.

Usually when people said that, wont the reply usually be “sure” out of courtesy

Why would people ask why

“Because… because… I…”

“Because youre a woman, so I have to go easy on you” Han Zhuoling said sarcastically.

Jiang Yuhan bit her lips pitifully.

Even if he did not want to help her, why would anyone say it so curtly without giving any face

“Miss Jiang,” Han Zhuoling said.

It had been Jiang Yuhan taking the initiative to talk to Han Zhuoling all this time.

Han Zhuoling had not taken the initiative to say anything to Jiang Yuhan.

Hearing Han Zhuoling call her of his own accord, Jiang Yuhan looked up in surprise and said, “Young Master Ling”

Han Zhuoling ignored the happy look on Jiang Yuhans face and said, “Please stay further away from me.”

“Wh-What” Jiang Yuhan widened her eyes in disbelief.

Han Zhuoling was… was on the verge of telling her to get lost!

Han Zhuoling plainly glanced at his elbow.

“Youre squeezing me.”

Everyone looked, and wasnt it obvious

Jiang Yuhan kept leaning towards Han Zhuoling.

Her eye-catching huge chest was almost about to squeeze onto Han Zhuolings elbow.

Someone sputtered out a laugh from a corner of the lift, unable to hold back the laughter.

This voice sounded extremely mocking to Jiang Yuhans ears.

She threw a cold glare towards the source of the sound, but she could not tell who it was.

There were only a few guests, Shi Xiaoya, Guo Yujie, and Tong Chunian in the lift this time.

Even if Jiang Yuhan wanted to accuse Shi Xiaoya, she could not do it, because that voice just now belonged to a man.

The production crew had asked to book a meeting room in the hotel.

Everyone was in the meeting room preparing for the filming tomorrow, as well as waiting for the viewership ratings results to come out for the first episode which aired tonight.

The other makeup artists were drawing lots to pick their guests.

Shi Xiaoya was assigned to Han Zhuoling, so she did not participate in the drawing of lots.

Jiang Yuhan did not know who it was and suspected that the most likely person was Tong Chunian.

But as Han Zhuolings assistant, Jiang Yuhan really did not have the guts to find trouble with Tong Chunian in front of Han Zhuoling.

As for the other guests, she could not afford to offend them either.

At last, her gaze landed on Cheng He, who seemed the easiest to be bullied.

He was involved in e-sports, a different industry from them, and was still a kid.

He had no connections to speak of, nor any backer to back him up.

So Jiang Yuhan scoffed coldly towards Cheng He.

Cheng He found it ridiculous that he got stared at.

Cheng Hes floor was the first to be reached, so he bade farewell to the others.

Liu Chuanhui patted his shoulder, gesturing for him not to care about Jiang Yuhan, before letting Cheng He leave.

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