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Chapter 1761: Actually a Little Afraid

Jiang Yuhan and Zhang Xiangyou stayed on the same floor and were the second batch to leave the lift.

The remaining people all stayed on the same floor.

Not long after returning to her room, Shi Xiaoya also received a mass text message from Lu Dongliu.

The viewership ratings for the first episode of Survivor exceeded 2.0.

This was a good start.

At least they could heave a sigh of relief.

Lu Dongliu immediately called Lu Man and told her about the viewership ratings.

With the foundation from today, they did not need to worry about the viewership ratings for the next half of the first episode to be aired next week.

The key point would be how to run the publicity for the first half of the second episode, so both of them discussed that for a while.

They had to wake up early tomorrow, so Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie immediately prepared to sleep after coming back.

Both of them lay on the bed.

Guo Yujie also could not sleep, so she told Shi Xiaoya, “Xiaoya, you saw how Jiang Yuhan was like tonight.

Her motive was way too obvious.”

Shi Xiaoya sighed in her heart.

Guo Yujie said anxiously, “Say, Xiaoya, what are you thinking in your heart If you like him, you should show it too.

I will still say it even if you get angry: I think Han Zhuoling really likes you.”

“Look at his attitude towards Jiang Yuhan.

Most men wont even be so rude towards a lady.

But Han Zhuoling really did not give a damn and embarrassed Jiang Yuhan to no end in front of everyone.

It shows that if he was not interested, why would he be so sweet towards a lady How attentive he is to you aside, he probably wont even put on a nice look for any other party.”

Shi Xiaoya sighed silently and heard Guo Yujie say, “Stop putting on a strong front.

Just admit it if you like him.”

“I…” Shi Xiaoya hid her chin for a while before she said gloomily, “I do like him.

Every time it comes to the topic of romance, the first person who comes to my mind is him.”

“Then why do you…” Guo Yujie said, “Are you afraid youre misunderstanding his intentions”

“Actually, I think youre thinking too much.

Perhaps its because youre the one involved, so youre being more careful.” Guo Yujie said, “But when I observe from the sidelines, I think the way Han Zhuoling treats you cannot just be described asnot ordinary. I think its very special.

He never treats anyone else like that.

And, when were eating supper tonight, he even especially came to our table.”

“He said that he finds Jiang Yuhan noisy, but to tell the truth, I think hes even more afraid that you will misunderstand.

After all, its not like in the lift where whatever Jiang Yuhan said and how he reacted, you were able to see and hear.

But at supper, you guys were seated at two separate tables.

Whatever Jiang Yuhan said to him, and whatever his reactions were, it will be very easily misunderstood by others, and by you.”

“Although Young Master Ling is arrogant and cold, Jiang Yuhan is not the only one on that table.

He wont not give face to the others just because of Jiang Yuhan.

That table was where all the important people of the show sat.

Yet he still came to sit with you.

Wasnt it just because he wanted to assure you” Guo Yujie analyzed it and said, “I see things more clearly because I am a bystander.

I dont feel as much pressure and hesitation as you, thats why I am more clear about this.”

“I know,” Shi Xiaoya said gloomily.

“Then why do you still…” Guo Yujie did not understand.

“Since you like him too, why dont you give it a try”

“I… Actually, I am a little afraid,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Actually, you see, even if Han Zhuoling did not show anything, there will still be women like Jiang Yuhan who will keep trying to throw themselves at him and get close to him.

Even if he speaks bluntly to them, I still dont feel very secure.

Hes too outstanding—so much so that it makes me feel like Im not that good, that Im not worthy of him.”

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