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Chapter 1763: What in the World

This Jiang Yuhan was crazy!

Was she that anxious

He remembered that the floor that Han Zhuoling was staying on had quite a few other guests around as well.

If Jiang Yuhan made any sound, the others could hear as well.

Did she not mind at all

Lu Dongliu did not even have time to change and left his room after putting on his down jacket.

Over on the phone, Chi Xingrui had also been aroused from his sleep and was still feeling sleepy and not fully awake.

“Stop sleeping!” Lu Dongliu shouted.

He could not care less about disturbing other guests staying in the hotel now.

His ass was already on fire, so how could he be bothered to care about so many other things now “Jiang Yuhan is seeking her own death—she went to knock on Han Zhuolings door! Han Zhuoling got so furious that he called me and told me to make her go away!”

“What in the world” Chi Xingrui bolted up from the bed from shock.

He put on his slippers, scooped up the down jacket from the sofa, and ran out of the door.

“I also came out.

Coming right away!”

Both of them were on the same floor, so it would be convenient for them to discuss things about the program.

In the end, they happened to meet each other in front of the lift and quickly entered the lift to go up.

As both of them ran, Chi Xingrui complained on the way, “Is this Jiang Yuhan crazy! She already saw Han Zhuolings attitude when they were eating just now—what was there not to understand She still dared to knock on his door in the middle of the night! Why doesnt she take a look at whose door shes knocking on!”

“I think this time, Jiang Yuhan is really finished.

Previously, she tried to sow discord about Lu Man, but Lu Man didnt stoop to her level and hold it against her.

Now shes angered Han Zhuoling, and Han Zhuoling is not someone with a nice temper,” Lu Dongliu said in utmost exasperation.

“If she wanted to screw herself over, couldnt she at least choose a better timing to do it! Why must it be now!” Lu Dongliu said furiously.

Chi Xingrui did not really get what he meant, so Lu Dongliu explained, “Im just afraid that Han Zhuoling might kick Jiang Yuhan out of the show in anger.”

Its true that Jiang Yuhan came in through her connections with the leader of the broadcasting station.

However, the production crews investor was the Han Corporation.

As long as Han Zhuoling was not willing to have her and insisted that Jiang Yuhan leave, not even that leader of the broadcasting station could say anything about it.

He was the gold sponsor daddy, after all.

If Chief Hu could cooperate with Lu Man on everything and decide that no matter what happened, they could not go against Lu Mans decisions, what more for a mere leader of the broadcasting station

The broadcasting station would not offend Han Zhuoling just for a mere leader.

“Even if he kicked her out after filming this episode, it would be okay,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Im just afraid that Young Master Ling wouldnt even want to see her tomorrow.

Then who would we find to replace her at the last minute The other guests had had their schedules coordinated already.

We cant possibly make them wait.

If we dont film this episode, we will have to pause the broadcast for at least one episode later on.”

“The show has finally managed to get good results after airing.

All the more we need to ride on this popularity and make it successful in one go.

If we only air four episodes and suddenly stop broadcasting, abruptly cutting the popularity we took so much effort to build, we might not have such good results when we resume the broadcast,” Lu Dongliu explained.

Chi Xingrui got so angry that he chided, “Our production crew stays up late to work OT every night, and there are even some colleagues who dont sleep and stay up the whole night, yet their efforts are about to be ruined by Jiang Yuhan! Even if Young Master Ling doesnt censor her, I cant take this lying down!”

Lu Dongliu scoffed.

“Who cares if Young Master Ling wants to censor her or let her continue with the filming for today and tomorrow first Anyway, after this time, as long as its my show, I definitely wont let her join! It doesnt matter which leader says what!”

At least in the station, Lu Dongliu still had the confidence to do that now.

Hed produced a series of shows that became extremely popular.

There were many other stations propping up contracts to try and poach him.

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