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Chapter 1771: Not to Take Matters into Your Own Hands

“Enough!” Sister Liu said irritatedly.

“You think I dont know you went to knock on Han Zhuolings door last night Its good that you are motivated to do better, but even though hes not willing, you still stayed there and refused to leave.

Youre really too daring! Who do you think Han Zhuoling is that you dared to do that Director Lu already told me that its not the production crew that wants to fire you this time.

After all, they are about to start filming, they dont want to suddenly lose a guest at this time.”

After Sister Liu said that, Jiang Yuhan immediately reacted.


If she left, wont the production team have one less person

Who would Lu Dongliu find to replace her at the last minute

“This time, it was Han Zhuoling who insisted that he did not want to see you again.” Sister Liu was even more angry than Jiang Yuhan right now.

Shed finally managed to stuff her in, yet she had to stir up such trouble.

“Even when Lu Dongliu said that it would not be easy to find someone else at the last minute, Han Zhuoling still insisted that he did not want to see you again.

Dont forget, this show is invested in by the Han Corporation.

One word from Han Zhuoling was even more important than their Chief Hus word! Even if their Chief Hu was there, he would not go against Han Zhuoling—for this matter, or for you even,” Sister Liu said coldly.

Jiang Yuhans heart dropped in hopelessness.

“If you have time to push the blame now, why dont you quickly come back” Sister Liu said.

“If youre lucky, you will only lose this one show as your resource.

If you are unlucky, who knows how much more you will lose This all depends on how angry Han Zhuoling is.”

“I… How would I know that He… hes not a man at all!” Jiang Yuhan only knew to be scared now.

She did not even care about being angry with Lu Dongliu.

“I even went to his door to press the doorbell.

He opened the door then closed it in my face! I dont even need him to be responsible, yet he actually still did not want to do it.

Theres probably something wrong with him!”

Jiang Yuhan felt that since she would just be sleeping with them for a night, which man would reject her

She did not need him to be responsible for anything.

Her looks and her figure were considered to be top-notch.

Whats there not to agree to for something thats being given to him for free!

Coming out to work, she just treated it as a kind of break from a busy life.

Who knew, even then, Han Zhuoling would actually not be willing to do it!

“I… Why dont I go and plead with Han Zhuoling” Jiang Yuhan said without thinking things through.

“You can forget it!” Sister Liu said in a stern voice.

“You are not to take matters into your own hands and cause more trouble! Quickly come back! Exactly what to do, we will discuss in detail later.

Youre already panicking now.

You wont be able to make any good decisions at this point in time.”

Dont even talk about how frantic Jiang Yuhan felt right now.

Even when she was not panicking usually, she did not make any right decisions either.

Such as pulling ridiculous schemes like going to knock on Han Zhuolings door in the middle of the night.

The other female celebrities who were interested in Han Zhuoling would only dare to test the waters and try their luck first.

No one dared to be so direct and uncouth like her.

Who didnt know about Han Zhuolings temper

Now that Jiang Yuhan was panicking like mad, all the more she would not be able to think of any proper solution.

“And now, Han Zhuoling is busy filming.

If you go and disturb him right now, wont you make him even more angry You can also forget about staying there and waiting until nighttime to go and plead with him.

If you do that, youre really finished for good, and I wont care about you either.” Sister Liu could be said to know Jiang Yuhan inside out.

After hearing the first half of what Sister Liu said, Jiang Yuhan really did have that thought.

But after Sister Liu finished talking, Jiang Yuhan finally got rid of that thought.

How would she dare to go and provoke Han Zhuoling now!

If she said she was going to plead for mercy, then she would really go and plead for mercy.

But she was afraid that Han Zhuoling would misunderstand too.

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