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Chapter 1775: No Wonder

“Hence, for the sixth guest for this episode, we decided to choose from the various backstage crew right here with us now.

All along, not just for this show, they have always remained behind the scenes.

For the show to be able to air, it has everything to do with each of their hard work and effort.

The director team often has to hold meetings throughout the night to discuss various proposals.

The various kinds of unexpected schemes that you, the audience, sees are all the results from the director teams countless nights of staying up to come up with these ideas.”

“The final result of the show that the audience sees, the final effect of how a show is presented, is also closely related to our post-production.

After each episode of the show is filmed, they are the ones who will go through the footage again and again to pick out the parts that will be interesting to the audience and proceed to edit them, add special effects, add captions, and in the end, present a complete show to everyone.”

“For this show of ours, we have both indoor and outdoor experiences.

No matter which kind it is, it requires a lot of energy.

Our videographer brothers would lift a dozen kilograms of photographic equipment and run together with the guests.

The guests do not have any weight to carry, yet they are already very tired after one whole day.

What more the people who carry video cameras all day long They climb hills and mountains.

Even if they get injured, they have to make sure that the buddy on their hands is not damaged, and thats on top of making sure that they dont lose the guest, that the guest always remains in the frame.”

All the guests revealed looks of admiration on their faces and all nodded their heads in agreement.

“And theres also our makeup artists.

We hired external makeup artists this time around, so theyre not the people that the production crew usually have on board.

They are not just participating in our show but also in films and all kinds of award ceremonies for the red carpet.

Those makeup looks are all the work of their hands.

But most of the time, the audience only notices how good the celebrities look—they dont really think about who the makeup artists are behind the scenes.

For well-made films and television series, each of the casts makeup is very exquisite, and probably few would think about how much effort the makeup artist spent on creating such a look.”

“They are usually well-hidden behind the scenes and are not well known to people.

But we also hope that the guests dont forget, the fact that they can work on a popular show requires that they pass many levels of selection and emerge from intense competition to become the elites in their industry.

The makeup artists that we hired externally are also part of a consolidated list from our production crews discussions.

None of them are nobodies.”

Han Zhuoling was especially pleased hearing that.

Lu Dongliu was quite good at that.

He even came up with all these lead-ups to make it easier for the audience to accept it.

And it wont let people think that Shi Xiaoya probably relied on some connections to be stuffed in, which would make people hate her even more and not want to see her.

“Now, lets invite all our backstage staff to come and meet the audience.

Your efforts are not a single bit less important than that of others.

I hope you guys can receive recognition from the audience too,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Lets welcome our videographer brothers first.”

The five follow videographers as well as the fixed videographers all came out.

Each of them introduced themselves.

“Lets invite our post-production team to come on now,” Lu Dongliu said.

The staff in charge of post-production editing and special effects captions came out as well, and they were not all big oldies like the videographers just now.

Theres actually a young lady this time.

They all smiled and introduced themselves.

Lastly, the makeup artists were also invited to come on.

Shi Xiaoya then knew what Han Zhuoling meant just now.

No wonder he said she would thank him.

Hed known all along that she needed to be on camera, right

Shi Xiaoya said very naturally to the camera, “Hi, everyone.

I am Shi Xiaoya, a makeup artist.”

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