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Actually, the initial guest list really did not have Lu Qi\'s name on it, but every year some celebrities would use all kind of ways just to get an invitation from her subordinate who was responsible for sending out the invitations.

Every year, there would be two or three invitations that would get leaked out, but that was a very normal thing.

This year, when her subordinate had asked her about inviting Lu Qi, Suo Wei agreed even though she knew that Lu Qi was scandal-ridden as she felt that Lu Qi\'s scandal was a hot topic right now and it could increase the popularity of the charity night.

Yet who knew that it would cause Nan Jingheng to take notice and scold her for not doing things well.

Therefore, without waiting for Lu Qi to hate Suo Wei, Suo Wei started to hate Lu Qi.

If Lu Qi knew that she already had so many scandals, why was she still trying to cause trouble

Did she not have any self-awareness

Before Lu Qi could even react, Xia Qingyang exploded, What do you mean Are you dismissing it by simply calling it a mistake The invitation has Qi Qi\'s name written on it, even the nameplates on the table have our names on it, how can this be called a mistake

Mom, Lu Qi anxiously grabbed Xia Qingyang arm, Mom, don\'t say anything else.

She really could not afford to offend Suo Wei right now.

Yet how could she swallow this insult

Older Sister Suo, I have always respected you a lot, but this time, you\'ve hit my face onto the floor and stepped on it.

It cannot be resolved with just calling it a mistake, Tears of humiliation welled up in Lu Qi\'s eyes, I want you to tell me the truth, what is the reason that you want us to leave

If people knew that she came to the charity night only to be chased away, how could she continue in the entertainment circle

In the future, anyone could step on her!

Of course, Suo Wei would not expose Nan Jingheng, It is really a mistake, this time it\'s our error, don\'t worry, we will not tell outsiders about this.

We are not leaving! Xia Qingyang did not know the severity of the situation.

She was just a rich housewife who did not know much about the entertainment circle.

As Lu Qi\'s career was completely managed by Lu Qiyuan, Xia Qingyang did not even know about Suo Wei\'s position in the entertainment circle.

She thought that Suo Wei was just an Editor-in-Chief of a magazine who did not hold much importance.

What right do you have to ask us to leave You want to send us away with just calling it a mistake You must give us an explanation! Xia Qingyang gave a cold hmph, I\'m telling you, our family isn\'t going to take this lying down!

Mom, stop talking already, Lu Qi pretended to stop her.

She did not dare to anger Suo Wei, but she could not take this lying down, and hence let Xia Qingyang scold her while she pretended to be a good person who was stopping her.

So from the beginning to the end, Lu Qi did not suffer any loss at all.

Suo Wei smiled coldly, Madam Lu, you gave birth to a really good daughter.

Lu Qi\'s petty scheme could not escape Suo Wei\'s notice.

Only Xia Qingyang was unaware, shaking away Lu Qi\'s hands, Stop meddling with this, you have too good of a temper, that\'s why you are always bullied by people.

First, you were being bullied by that stupid Lu Man, and now you are getting bullied by a lowly Editor-in-Chief!

Enough! Lu Qiyuan had already been chased out of the banquet hall and was making his way to the main entrance.

Just as he was about to leave, he noticed that Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi were also being brought out.

And he had even heard Xia Qingyang boast shamelessly!

Usually, Xia Qingyang would be so demure and well-behaved that Lu Qiyuan could not even imagine that she would act so dumb right now!

He strode over quickly and harshly pulled Xia Qingyang aside, What rubbish are you speaking!


Lu Qi hurriedly pulled Xia Qingyang, Mom, don\'t say any more.

Lu Qiyuan looked at Suo Wei unhappily and then said to Lu Qi, Let\'s go!

Xia Qingyang wanted to open her mouth to say something when she was suddenly pulled away by Lu Qi and thus could only follow unhappily.

Dad, what\'s going on Didn\'t you go to find Lu Man Why did you come from outside Lu Qi asked quickly.


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