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Chapter 1793: Is He a Ladyboy

There were actually also Han Zhuolings fans who were Shi Xiaoyas haters among the audience group.

Cheng He frowned and asked the manager to kick out Shi Xiaoyas haters, lest they actually create a momentum there.

They all knew what Han Zhuolings attitude towards Shi Xiaoya was.

It was clearly Han Zhuoling who liked Shi Xiaoya.

That was so obvious, and obviously not like the nasty things those people said.

And how bad would it be if Han Zhuoling saw these comments

Cheng He then said to the manager that as long as someone talked bad about Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, kick them all out without hesitation.

The manager could not help but ask, “Xiao He, is Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya really…”

“I dont know about that.

I just know that Shi Xiaoya is not the kind of person they make her out to be.

Sister Xiaoya is very nice and is a dignified person.

She never crosses the line when interacting with male artistes to make people misunderstand.

The incident with Han Zhuoling this time is also made up by those netizens, but Sister Xiaoya didnt even do anything to seduce him.

To prevent others from making this into a thing, just kick them out when you see them, please,” Cheng He said.

He was not lying.

Both of them look willing and happy to be together.

It was not like Shi Xiaoya was clinging on to him like how those nasty netizens made her sound like.

“No problem,” the manager immediately said.

Hence, the manager went back and kicked a few more people out.

Luckily, Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling were not looking at the live-stream and did not know about these things yet.

“Kar 98K.” Han Zhuoling gave a faint smile and explained, “Its the improved version of the Gew Mauser 98, a standard rifle used by the German army during the Second World War.

If this game is designed completely according to real life, then it might take a few tries to get a shot.”

Cheng He added, “As the 98K can be picked up in the game, its more convenient and has a far range, so players really like it.

When paired with an 8x lens, its very useful.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

Shi Xiaoya explained everything she knew to him one by one.

“Thats about all there is.

There might be some other things that I cant recall at the moment, but I will know when I see it in the game.

I am very bad at playing games, but this is a game that is easy to get the hang of once you start playing.

You might not be able to hit someone or live until the end, but at least you will remember all the controls.”

At that moment, Han Zhuoling had been invited by Cheng He into the team, and they were starting to arrange their ranks.

When the audience saw that, they said, “Who exactly is this Han Zhuoling wont resort to using a female character, right Or is he trying to be a ladyboy”

During the waiting time, Han Zhuoling asked, “Then what do you guys mean when you talk about turning into a box after landing”

“If the characters in the game die, they will turn into a box.

Some players who are unlucky will be killed by other players upon landing.

Also, if you picked up some equipment before you die, the equipment you acquired will all be in the box.

Someone will then open your box and choose which of your equipment to take.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

That sounded a little sad just from hearing it.

No matter what, your hard-earned equipment cannot be given to other people easily.

Han Zhuolings desire to win was then easily aroused just from this.

And with Shi Xiaoya watching by the side, all the more Han Zhuoling could not lose.

Based on the location Cheng He had marked out, they parachuted out together.

After fiddling with it for a while, Han Zhuoling figured out how to control the direction and speed of the parachute.

Yet the moment he landed, Han Zhuoling heard a few gunshot sounds.

He did not have time to react and realize what was going on before his character on the screen suddenly splattered into bursts of blood.

And then, the characters name turned gray.

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