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Chapter 1831: Dont Be So Open About It

He glanced at the others and said, “But say, its Shian who wants to get to know my younger sister.

What are you guys coming to join in the fun for”

“Arent we here because were worried that Xiaoya will feel awkward” Chen Sibin said.

“Oh, when Xiaoya comes in a moment and only Shian is here, even a fool would know what you guys are up to.

Arent you worried that if Xiaoya gets upset, she will settle scores with you afterward”

“Hey!” Shen Shian was upset now.

“If you say this, I will be the one whos upset.

Why would she be upset when she sees me Am I that bad”

“No, Im just saying what if.” Chen Sibin quickly smiled and explained, “After all, Xiaoya has known us for quite some time already.

We are all Nancangs friends, so Xiaoya knows us all.

All this long while, she never had the slightest feeling towards you.

You think that just because of this one time, she will like you the moment she comes Xiaoya treats us all like brothers.”

“If she has no feelings for you and, because of todays incident, the relationship suddenly takes a turn, making her avoid you next time, you wont even have a chance to woo her.

Tell me, do you think it will be awkward or not” Chen Sibin explained his analysis.

Shen Shian: “…”

“So, if were all here, the atmosphere wouldnt be so awkward, and the purpose wouldnt be so obvious.

When the time comes, we can even support you.

You can first interact more with Xiaoya as Nancangs friend and slowly let her get used to you, then eventually accept you,” Chen Sibin said.

“…” Shi Nancangs mouth twitched.

“Im still here, and you guys are already discussing how to woo my younger sister.

Can you guys not talk about it so openly”

Although he knew, they were all reliable people.

Or else, he could not introduce them to Shi Xiaoya either.

But this still gave him a feeling that a pig was coming to woo his younger sister.


On this side, Shi Xiaoya ended the call and apologized to Han Zhuoling.

“My brother insists that I go.”

She wanted to stay with Han Zhuoling for a longer time too.

“Ill go with you,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Huh” Shi Xiaoya stopped unpacking, feeling stunned.

Han Zhuoling said, “I will be going to meet your elders anyway.

I can meet your older brother and greet him first.”

Seeing the stupefied look on Shi Xiaoyas face, Han Zhuoling pulled her up and said, “Your older brother dotes on you so much.

If we dont let him know first that we are already in a relationship, wont he be angry”

“He wont be angry, but he will probably feel depressed.” After Han Zhuolings reminder, Shi Xiaoya felt that it was still better to let her older brother know first and have him be mentally prepared, so she agreed.

It had only been a while after they came back.

Shi Xiaoya still did not want to leave the house so soon.

She was really very tired, so she decided to rest for a while.

There was still time anyway.

Han Zhuoling sat beside her.

Shi Xiaoya leaned her head to the side and rested on his shoulder.

Han Zhuoling tilted his head sideways and saw her closing her eyes, looking very sweet, and it calmed his own heart as well.

This was what hed imagined previously.

The two of them being together quietly.

Even if they were not talking, it would still be very comfortable.

“Why dont I tell my older brother that I dont want to go after all That Im really too tired to go out” Shi Xiaoya mumbled.

How good would it be if she could just order takeout with Han Zhuoling at home.

Although Han Zhuoling wanted that too, at this moment, he actually smiled and said, “Lets just go and take a look, since we already said were going.”

“Aish, okay.” Shi Xiaoya was only just saying that anyway.

Shed agreed to Shi Nancangs invitation, so she would not go back on her word.

Both of them left the house and took Han Zhuolings car to go to Sheng Yue.

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