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Chapter 1841: Slightly Old

The first episode of Survivor had already aired.

Han Zhuoling was the guest and Shi Xiaoya was the tag-along makeup artist.

How could the two of them not know each other

The one in Man City was already the second episode!

What was there not to understand seeing Shi Xiaoyas guilty reaction

In his heart, Shi Nancang scoffed at Han Zhuoling for being so shameless, telling him that he hadnt seen Shi Xiaoya that day below her apartment.

What a show hed put on!

“I wont be going after you anymore for hiding it from me last time,” Shi Nancang said tiredly.


His sister was no longer the cutie who told him everything and anything.

“It wasnt intentional, but Han Zhuoling and I were having a tentative relationship then.

I could feel that hes treating me differently from others, but we hadnt confirmed anything, so I didnt know how to tell you, afraid that youll misunderstand too.

In the end, it all seemed like my wishful thinking.” Shi Xiaoya scratched her head in frustration.

“Geez! Its just super hard to explain, so I didnt.”

Shi Nancang sighed.

“Han Zhuolings really not bad.

Even from a mans point of view, hes almost flawless.

Except for his age.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

“Since youve decided to be with him, I wont stop you, nor can I stop you.

I only hope you wont hide anything from me in the future.

At least then I can back you up in time if anything happens.”

“Were not like the Han Family, and I might not be Han Zhuolings match,” Shi Nancang said, “but this doesnt mean that we cant do anything.

Even if we cant change the outcome, we can at least let him know that youre not alone.

You have someone supporting you and protecting you; youre not someone he can bully easily.”

Shi Xiaoya opened her mouth, but Shi Nancang cut her off before she could say anything.

“Dont say that hell never bully you.

What if Who knows what will happen in the future”

“Whats more, even if you two are dating and would probably marry in the future, which couple never had their troubles Come home, or seek me out if you get into a fight.

No matter what happens, whether youre in the right or wrong, well always be with you.”

“Brother…” Shi Xiaoya said, moved.

Her relationship with Han Zhuoling had barely started, and Shi Nancang was already thinking so far ahead.

Afraid that she would suffer hardships and grievances.

Precisely because he cared too much, that was why he couldnt help but think so far ahead, to plan for anything possible.

“Youre an adult now.

I wont and cant control many things.

I know adult relationships, and I cant expect you to be like children,” Shi Nancang said.

“Han Zhuolings a grown man.

You guys will face that step sooner or later.”

Shi Xiaoya was utterly confused by his words.

“Bro, what are you trying to say” Shi Xiaoya was curious.

Shi Nancang hesitated, saying, “When that time really times, you must take protection.

Dont be a ditz.”

Heat immediately blossomed in Shi Xiaoyas cheeks.

“Brother, why are you saying this!”

“Why cant I” Shi Nancang tsked.

“Youre both adults, so youre going to take that step sooner or later.

Our family might need to approve who youre dating, but were not so old-fashioned as to expect you to save it for your marriage.”

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