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“The Han Familys elders have seen Xiaoya already” Du Yiqin asked.

“They met during an event at the National Film Academy.

We were not together yet at that time.

But at that time, I was already wooing her,” Han Zhuoling said with a smile.

Even Shi Xiaoya could not help but turn to look at Han Zhuoling when he said that.

He made it sound as if it was true.

Seeing how shocked she looked, Han Zhuoling raised his eyebrow and said, “At that time, didnt I send you flowers every day”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

She actually could not rebut him.

This man, he secretly retconned what happened!

At that time, hed clearly sent her the flowers because he wanted to apologize.


If it were someone else, Han Zhuoling might at most just apologize.

He probably would not have given flowers.

Du Yiqin sat down.

If she did not sit down now, she was afraid she might not be able to stand firm on her feet any longer.

“This child, why didnt you tell us earlier that you were dating Young Master Ling You even hid it from us.

Whats there to hide about this” Du Yiqin said to Shi Xiaoya.

Du Yiqin still felt a little dizzy right now.

She did not think that there was anything bad about Han Zhuoling.

She just never thought that Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend would be Han Zhuoling.

She just felt that the two of them could not have had any connection with each other at all.

“I just wanted to give you both a surprise,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Du Yiqin thought to herself that it was more of a scare than a surprise.

When she saw Han Zhuoling walk into their house, she almost got scared to death, okay

“Auntie, you can just call me Zhuoling,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I know, I have many shortcomings.

I am much older than Xiaoya, and Ive had a past marriage, but I hope you can give me a chance to be with Xiaoya.”

“Young Master Ling—Eh no, Zhuoling,” Du Yiqin immediately corrected herself and said, “Dont misunderstand.

Were not against it.”

Du Yiqin turned to ask Shi Guanzhong, “Right”

Shi Guanzhong smiled and nodded.

“We are not against it.

Although we havent had the chance to interact before, I believe no one would be unfamiliar with your name in the field of business.

I often heard people say that even though you take a strong stance when doing business, your methods have always been proper, and you never resort to any underhand means to do things.

If your personality is like that even in business, nothing more needs to be said for other aspects.”

There were so many people who would resort to unscrupulous means to earn money, using both legal and illegal connections for business.

They would unscrupulously set up their competitors, play dirty tricks, and even resort to more extreme measures.

But Han Zhuoling had always been disdainful of such methods.

“To be honest, you and Xiaoyas age gap isnt that big either.

As for your previous marriage, I wont comment on it, but I trust your character, and I believe in Xiaoyas judgment as well.

So you dont have to worry about all those things you were worried about earlier on,” Shi Guanzhong said, smiling.

He personally picked a teacup for Han Zhuoling and poured tea for him.

“We were just too surprised,” Du Yiqin said.

“Xiaoya, this child.

She would not tell us a single thing about her boyfriend no matter how we asked, insisting on giving us a surprise.”

“To be honest, in our hearts, we even prepared for the worst.

Is it because the guy is pretty normal in many aspects, be it in looks, career, or family, such that he is not that compatible with her”

“I even thought, could it be that he doesnt even have a stable job, much less a successful career Anyway, I already thought of all kinds of ridiculous, terrible scenarios in my head before this.”

“Mom,” Shi Xiaoya said.

In front of her parents, she seemed more like a little girl, calling out softly with a bit of cuteness in her tone.

Han Zhuoling looked at her and broke into a warm smile.

“Xiaoyas judgment isnt that bad.”

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