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Chapter 1863: So Happy That She Felt Like Clapping

Du Yiqin thought proudly, “Isnt that so”

If she had bad judgment, she would not be able to get you to be her boyfriend.

Until now, Du Yiqin was still feeling that it was surreal.

Who would have thought that her daughter would actually get Han Zhuoling to be her boyfriend

And based on what Han Zhuoling said, it was Han Zhuoling who actively wooed her.

Its true that Du Yiqin also felt that Han Zhuoling just did not look like the kind who would actively woo someone.

But Han Zhuoling had said that he wooed her by sending her flowers every day.

Whether or not Han Zhuoling purposely said it to make Shi Xiaoya look good, he was willing to say so anyway, so she just accepted it as such.

If not for how she wanted to maintain her image, Du Yiqin, who was so happy, felt like clapping right now.

Shi Xiaoya was growing older every year.

A while earlier, she had even mentioned to Shi Guanzhong at home that Shi Xiaoya should also consider dating and thinking about marriage.

She was even thinking of asking Shi Guanzhong and Shi Nancang to take note of anyone they knew who might be a suitable, reliable, and talented young man that they could introduce to Shi Xiaoya.

She was not rushing her to get married now.

After all, Shi Xiaoya was still young, so there was no need to rush it.

But they still had to date first and understand each other so that they could walk into marriage together, right

They couldnt possibly rush to get married after briefly knowing each other just because they were getting older.

They would not even understand each other well enough.

The Shi family did not have any plans to arrange the marriage, be it for Shi Xiaoya or Shi Nancang, who would eventually inherit the Shi family business.

They never planned to sacrifice their childrens marriage to make the Shi family even stronger.

As long as the two of them found someone they liked, it would be good enough.

Of course, there were still some expectations to be met.

They could not possibly let the two of them find someone with ulterior motives, or someone who was cunning and scheming, and come back with a partner that had bad character.

Du Yiqin did not have that many considerations, unlike Shi Nancang.

Since Shi Guanzhong said that Han Zhuolings character was trustworthy, then there was no problem.

A persons character is the most important.

As long as Han Zhuolings character was good, he would not let Shi Xiaoya suffer.

In his previous marriage, even though it came to such an end, he did not ever say anything bad about his ex-wife, and he did not do anything to betray his marriage.

He was a person who seemed very cold and aloof to everything normally, who had never fallen in love with a woman before.

But now that he fell in love with Shi Xiaoya, he would definitely love Shi Xiaoya wholeheartedly.

Hence, Han Zhuolings visit went surprisingly well.

At lunchtime, Shi Guanzhong even pulled Han Zhuoling to drink with him.

At first, Shi Guanzhong was still a little distant when interacting with Han Zhuoling.

After all, given Han Zhuolings reputation outside, if he wasnt in a relationship with Shi Xiaoya and Shi Guanzhong saw Han Zhuoling on a normal day, he would also have treated Han Zhuoling politely.

To say something a little embarrassing, even Shi Guanzhong felt a bit scared in front of Han Zhuoling.

He did not expect that as long as Han Zhuoling wanted to, he could easily make people warm up to him and no longer be cautious and formal around him.

Not long after, Shi Guanzhong had been coaxed until he was all smiles and happy, no longer feeling unfamiliar with him.

This was the first time Shi Xiaoya saw Han Zhuoling coaxing someone.

She would never have imagined that he would actually know how to say nice things to make someone happy.

Shi Guanzhong went to take the liquor.

From whiskey to Maotai, even bringing out red wine.

Drinking all of this together looked scary enough.

Han Zhuoling was never much of a drinker.

He did not like the feeling of not being in control after getting drunk.

Shi Xiaoya had just gotten together with him for a while.

She did not fully understand him, but based on their previous experience in the production team…

Han Zhuoling only drank alcohol lightly.

Shi Xiaoya could roughly guess that Han Zhuoling definitely did not like to drink, though she did not know how well he could hold his liquor.

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