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Chapter 1870: She Is Just Jealous

The other group was made up of the kind of hedonistic second-generation rich kids like her son.

She could not stand hearing about the outstanding children from other families, so Mrs.

Zheng heard more often about whose child got into what trouble again, or did something stupid again, or embarrassed themselves in some way again.

Anyway, as long as they were worse than her son, she could find some form of comfort in it.

She could think to herself that this person was worse than her son.

Her son was not the worst after all.

Every day, she could only think in that way.

Hence, when Mrs.

Zheng heard Du Yiqin say that, she laughed.

“I heard of him before”

Given the people she heard of, this boyfriend was probably some hedonistic second-generation rich kid.

Even with that, Du Yiqin could make it sound like roses.

It was just to save face for Shi Xiaoya.

“Not only have you heard of him, I think that normally, only a few people would not know who he is.” When Du Yiqin saw Mrs.

Zheng laughing like she could not be happy for other people, she immediately knew what Mrs.

Zheng was thinking of, thus quickly adding this.

“Oh” Mrs.

Zheng was waiting to watch Du Yiqin make a fool of herself, so she took her words with a pinch of salt.

Du Yiqin finally stopped beating around the bush and said, “Xiaoyas boyfriend…”

As Du Yiqin spoke, she could not help but laugh.

“Is Han Zhuoling!”

This should scare you to death!


Zheng: “”

Han Zhuoling

What in the world

Wait, Han Zhuoling


Zhengs lips twitched; she was trying her best not to laugh out hysterically.


Shi, you really know how to make a joke.” Mrs.

Zheng laughed, not really believing her.

Even if she wanted to boast, she should not bring up someone like Han Zhuoling since no one would believe it.

If one mentioned anyone else from the eight great families, it would be even more believable than Han Zhuoling.

After Han Zhuoling got divorced, almost everyone thought that whether Han Zhuoling would get married again or not in the future remained a question.

This man was like an emotionless animal.

But now, Du Yiqin was saying that Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend was Han Zhuoling


This was such a joke.

How did Du Yiqin say it just then

She said Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend took the initiative to woo her and even wooed her for a long time.

This would surely not be Han Zhuoling already.

“Im not joking,” Du Yiqin said unhappily.

But Mrs.

Zheng evidently still did not believe her and said rather dully, “If you dont want to say it, then dont.

You dont have to use Han Zhuoling to patronize me.”

“I still have something on, Ill go back first,” Mrs.

Zheng said, then turned to go back through the courtyard gate next door.

Du Yiqin was utterly upset.

She turned to the helper auntie beside her and said, “Say, a person like her, cant she be happy for others or what! Did she think I couldnt tell what kind of expression she had just now She was hoping that Xiaoya had found a lackluster boyfriend.

Shes really so annoying!”

As the two of them walked back in, the helper auntie coaxed her by the side, “Madam, dont we know how that Mrs.

Zheng is like Why bother stooping to her level She just cant stand that Young Master and Missy are doing well because her own children are incompetent.

She is just jealous.

Next time, when Mr.

Han comes, let her see for herself.

What else can she say then”

“Right!” Du Yiqin nodded.

“Anger her to death! Serves her right for snubbing other people all the time.”


Han Zhuoling had gotten drunk to such a state, so Shi Xiaoya did not dare to send him back to his home.

If his family saw that he got into such a drunken state the first time he came to her house, what was she supposed to do

Hence, she could only bring Han Zhuoling back to her house.

She parked the car.

The moment she unfastened the safety belt, Han Zhuoling leaned over.

He did not care that it was in the car and it was actually not that comfortable, he just lazily rested his head on her shoulder.

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