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“Xiaoya” Han Zhuoling said in a gentle voice.

“Hmm” Shi Xiaoya answered softly.

“Say it for me to hear,” Han Zhuoling insisted and said, “I want to hear you address me intimately.

I want you to not be so distant anymore.”

Shi Xiaoya lowered her head.

She did not dare to look at him and felt so embarrassed that her scalp was turning numb.

It took her a long while before she finally said, “Zhuoling.”

That voice was very soft, and half of it was trapped in her throat, making her sound very careful.

But Han Zhuoling heard it clearly.

To Shi Xiaoya, this was already a very big improvement.

Han Zhuoling did not ask her to call him a few more times.

Under such circumstances, it was already very good that she could call him like this.

Slowly, he would make her get used to it.

“Can we go back now” Shi Xiaoya said while still blushing.

“Sure.” Han Zhuoling got off the car together with Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling walked over to Shi Xiaoyas side from the passenger seat door.

He was walking quite steadily, but the moment he leaned on Shi Xiaoya, his drunkenness instantly came back.

He leaned most of his weight on Shi Xiaoyas body.

Shi Xiaoya could only support him and think to herself, “Wasnt he feeling pretty well in the car just now”

His thinking had been especially sharp, making her unable to make a rebuttal at all.

Why did he become like this after coming out

Hes pretending, right

Shi Xiaoya stared at Han Zhuoling very suspiciously.

Han Zhuoling could see Shi Xiaoyas expression from the corner of his eye.

His gaze slightly rippled, and a seductive glint flashed across his eyes.

“I was feeling fine in the car, and the uncomfortable feeling was quite diminished.

But after I got off the car and felt the wind, I suddenly felt my head ache.”

When Han Zhuoling spoke, it was with the same lazy and weak tone.

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and agreed.

It was winter now, so the winds outside were biting cold.

The aircon in the car had warm air turned on, so it was very warm the entire trip.

Now that he suddenly came out, he got exposed to the cold winter wind.

Even under normal conditions, it would be a little unbearable, much less when Han Zhuoling had drunk so much alcohol.

He would definitely not feel good.

Shi Xiaoya stopped suspecting him and even felt extremely guilty that she actually suspected Han Zhuoling was pretending just now.

She supported Han Zhuoling and finally reached the lift after much effort.

When they were waiting for the lift, Shi Xiaoya searched for her card in her bag.

It was originally a very easy thing to do, but with Han Zhuoling making trouble by the side, it became exceptionally hard.

Han Zhuoling was leaning completely on Shi Xiaoya as if he had no bones in him.

He was so tall, yet he had to bend over and try his best to rest his head on Shi Xiaoyas shoulder.

Even Shi Xiaoya got worried that he would tire himself out.

He did not feel that he was in an uncomfortable position that made his body ache.

His hands were still wrapped around Shi Xiaoyas waist, making Shi Xiaoya almost unable to see her bag.

“Let go of me for a while, I cant find my card.” Shi Xiaoya could only say that.

“I cant stand firmly,” Han Zhuoling said lazily.

This time, Shi Xiaoya did not believe him no matter what he said.

There would be something wrong with her if she believed him.

Where did his maturity and self-discipline go

Where were his arrogance and aloofness

Those were all lies.

She could not see any of them now.

“Why did I not realize how clingy you are in the past” Shi Xiaoya mumbled in a small voice.

Just that, this very small voice had also been heard by Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling almost laughed in anger.

He was clingy with her, yet she was disdainful of that.

Did she see him being clingy with other people

To be able to cling on to her, he did not even care about his image anymore.

He only did such things in front of her, yet she actually complained about him.

Han Zhuolings eyes narrowed slightly, looking very dangerous.

A pity, Shi Xiaoya was focused on finding her card right now and did not see it.

When Shi Xiaoya was about to reach for it, she suddenly got pushed by him onto the wall beside the lift.

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