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Chapter 1875: Accompany Me

Shi Xiaoya instantly understood what Han Zhuoling meant, so she struggled to add, “Zhuoling”

A smile flashed across Han Zhuolings eyes.

He quickly burrowed under Shi Xiaoyas covers and then said, “Im done changing.”

Only then did Shi Xiaoya open the door to come in.

She did not expect that Han Zhuoling was already lying on the bed, so she said, “Then have a good rest.”

After saying that, she was about to leave.

Han Zhuoling reached out towards her and said, “Come over first for a while.”

Shi Xiaoya did not think too much and walked over.

Seeing that his hand was still stretched out, she placed her hand in his palm out of habit.

Yet he held her hand and pulled her over.

Shi Xiaoya lost her balance and fell into his arms from his pull.

Han Zhuoling rolled over and wrapped his hands and legs over her as if he was hugging a bolster.

He did these actions all at once and was simply too fast and precise.

“Arent you going to sleep” Shi Xiaoya said helplessly.

“Sleep.” Han Zhuoling pulled her closer into his arms and said, “Only when Ive hugged you to sleep will I feel secure.”

Han Zhuoling lowered his head.

“Do you still have things to do”

“No…” Shi Xiaoya said helplessly.

“Thats great.

Accompany me.” As Han Zhuoling said that, he closed his eyes.

It made Shi Xiaoya unable to speak anymore even if she had something to say.

She could only slightly move to a more comfortable position while being hugged by Han Zhuoling.

Unknowingly, she also gradually fell asleep.

She wondered how long she had slept for.

In her sleep, she felt as if something warm and soft kept sticking to her face.

And it was the kind that could move.

She felt it a few times here, and a few times there.

Her face even felt a little itchy from it.

She wanted to lift her hand to scratch, but her arms seemed to have been trapped tightly, unable to move no matter what.

Shi Xiaoya finally woke up and slowly opened her eyes.

The room had unknowingly turned dark.

After adjusting to the darkness of the room, Shi Xiaoya then clearly saw that Han Zhuolings face was right in front of her!

In her sleep just now, it was actually him who was kissing her.

At this moment, Han Zhuolings lips were right above the corner of her lips, yet to land.

But he was already very close to her.

In Shi Xiaoyas eyes, there was only that one millimeter of distance left.

It was in the space right between kissing and not kissing, which was super romantic.

Not only was his breath blowing across her lips, but even the warmth radiating from his face could be clearly felt at such a close distance, as if she was sticking right onto his face.

Shi Xiaoya held her breath nervously.

Yet Han Zhuoling just stopped there and stopped moving.

He did not retreat, but he did not kiss her either.

He just used his breath to tease her.

“Youre awake” Han Zhuolings voice was a little hoarse.

“Hmm,” Shi Xiaoya replied nervously.


When did you wake up

But before she could finish asking, Han Zhuoling suddenly flipped over and pressed her down.

He lowered his head and found her lips, kissing it.

Shi Xiaoya clutched his shoulders nervously.

The surroundings were all dark now, leaving only their breathing and kissing sounds in the air.

In the quiet night, these two sounds weaved together, sounding exceptionally clear and romantic.

There were really only the two of them in the house now, and no one would come and disturb them either.

Shi Xiaoyas heart was beating especially fast and nervously.

Thump thump thump, as if it was going to jump out of her chest.

Amid their breathing and kissing sounds, there was also the sound of their heartbeats.

When the sound of their heartbeats mixed together, it felt rapid and messy.

Finally, Han Zhuoling ended his kiss.

He lifted his head slightly, looking at her in satisfaction.

After adjusting to the darkness, Shi Xiaoya could also see his eyes clearly.

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