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Chapter 1876: Can You Bear to Kick Me Out

At this moment, his eyes were filled with gentleness.

This kind of gaze in his eyes actually looked so good.

It made her feel moved.

After all, a person who was usually so cold was giving all the gentleness he possessed to her at this moment.

Han Zhuoling was about to kiss her again.

However, Shi Xiaoya suddenly reacted very fast at this moment.

She seized this brief moment to roll out of Han Zhuolings embrace and rolled off the bed directly.

Han Zhuoling was stunned for a moment before he started laughing in amusement.

He flipped over and lay casually on her bed.

The surrounding air was still filled with her scent.

He stared at Shi Xiaoya resignedly, having an extremely indulgent expression on his face.

Shi Xiaoya simply reacted reflexively out of nervousness and ran away.

At that moment, she said, “I also brought hangover soup home today.

Ill go and heat it up for you to drink.”

After saying that and before waiting for Han Zhuolings reply, Shi Xiaoya quickly ran away.

In the dark, Han Zhuoling could not see that far, but he suddenly heard a banging sound.

Han Zhuoling quickly got up.

When he ran out, he turned the light on the way.

The house lit up fully.

The moment he came out, he saw Shi Xiaoya rubbing her shoulder.

“What happened” Han Zhuoling quickly rushed up to her.

“Im fine, its just that I didnt look properly and bumped into something just now,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Han Zhuoling felt helpless and said, “Youre in your own house.

Dont you remember how your house layout looks like”

“I can,” Shi Xiaoya mumbled.

“I was just… too nervous.”

Han Zhuoling chuckled.

He pinched her cheeks lightly and said, “I wont really do anything to you.

I just wanted to kiss you.”

“I know.” Shi Xiaoya still trusted him very much.

“But Im still nervous.”

“Dumb dumb.” Han Zhuoling pinched her cheeks resignedly and asked, “Which part did you get hurt Your shoulder”

“I just knocked into this door frame, it doesnt hurt,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“I heard such a loud bang,” Han Zhuoling said chidingly.

“I just knocked into it accidentally, but my clothes are very thick, so it doesnt hurt,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

Han Zhuoling did not believe her.

He still pulled her shirt collar to the side and asked, “You hit this side, right”

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

When he pulled her shirt collar down to her shoulder, he saw a reddened patch there.

As she was very fair, it seemed even more obvious.

Han Zhuoling massaged it a few times, yet the part that he massaged turned red as well.

Shi Xiaoya said resignedly, “See, its not red because its painful, it just gets red easily.”

After confirming that she was alright, Han Zhuoling was then assured.

Since they already got up, Shi Xiaoya went to the kitchen to heat up the hangover soup for him.

Han Zhuoling waited in the dining room.

The hangover soup was still quite warm when poured out from the thermos bottle.

Shi Xiaoya heated it up for a minute, and it was already hot enough.

“Drink some of it.

Does your head hurt” Shi Xiaoya brought the hangover soup over to him.

“A little,” Han Zhuoling replied as he took it.

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself that he still had the idea to kiss her even though he had a headache.

This person was really incredible.

Shi Xiaoya checked the time.

She did not expect that it would be 12:30 AM already.

Han Zhuoling drank the soup as he said, “Its already so late, can you bear to kick me out And my head still hurts.”

“…” Shi Xiaoya said resignedly, “Of course I cant.”

Han Zhuoling was all smiles as he asked, “Then you are going to let me stay”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

“Im only letting you stay for one night,” she emphasized.

Could she not make it sound so romantic As if she was going to do something by making him stay.

“I know, I wasnt thinking of anything else.” Shi Xiaoya would not admit that she did have some dirty thoughts in her mind just now.

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