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Chapter 1882: Stop Harboring Hopes

Based on his actions today, Han Zhuoling could make out Han Dongpings intentions.

He didnt bother himself with his parents matter, so he left with Shi Xiaoya.

Nonetheless, he gave a call to Lin Liyes chauffeur after he got into the car.

“Pay attention to Madam.

Remember to protect her if she and Sir get into an argument.

Ill take responsibility no matter what happens, so dont hesitate.”

The chauffeur nodded.

“Rest assured, I understand.”

Hanging up, Han Zhuoling saw Shi Xiaoyas curiosity and told her, “My moms been full of self-reproach because of the issue of my previous marriage.

She felt that she didnt persist all the way through, allowing my dad to make use of my marriage for other gains.”

“It actually wasnt her fault.

Back then, I thought marriage was unnecessary, and if they needed me to marry, Id just do it.

Who the bride was didnt matter to me.

The divorce afterward also did not affect me at all, be it emotionally or physically.

Frankly, I was partly responsible for the breakdown of that marriage too.

My thoughtlessness had upset her.”

Which was why, when Xia Yixin went around complaining about being neglected and sidelined in her marriage after the divorce, exaggerating and pinning all the blame on Han Zhuoling, hed made no comments nor attempts to stop her despite knowing about it.

“Back then, I didnt know how to love, nor had I met someone who could move my heart.

So Id assumed love was frivolous.” Han Zhuoling reached out and grabbed Shi Xiaoyas hand.

“I only understood these after I met you.”

“Its my good fortune.” Shi Xiaoya entwined her hand with his.

It could be said that she met Han Zhuoling at the right time.

If shed met him earlier, hed have been married and wouldnt have spared a glance at her, much less have had the chance to realize he liked her.

Going back further in time, he didnt even know what love was.

And now—it was just the right time.

“Im the lucky one,” Han Zhuoling emphasized, going back to the subject at hand.

“Back to the topic, ever since my divorce, Mom has kind of been separated from Dad.

Shed never again allow him to make use of my or my brothers marriages to benefit himself, nor allow him to interfere in any of our matters.

So they had a massive fight.”

“At the time, I could see that she really didnt want to be with Dad anymore, so I brought her here to stay with me.

My brothers at home with her usually.” Han Zhuoling roughly explained the situation.

He wanted to marry Shi Xiaoya, so he had to let her know his circumstance sooner or later.

“Uncles still around just now.

Is he planning to make up with Auntie” she asked.

Han Zhuoling laughed.

“The Han Family men are faithful to their marriage, no matter how bad they might be in certain aspects, and that includes my dad.

Hes trying to reconcile but cant get over his pride.

Moms no longer the same as she was in the past, always letting him have his way.

After so many years, shes long felt disappointed, so how would she care about his pride If Dad really wished to reconcile, he can give up hope given his attitude today.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled.

“I seem to have grasped an important point.”

Han Zhuoling raised a brow in a silent question.

Shi Xiaoya couldnt help snickering, and Han Zhuoling squeezed her hand.

“Do tell.”

“You said that Han Family men are faithful to their marriage, no matter how bad they might be in certain aspects.

That includes you!”

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