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Chapter 1883: Taking Advantage

“So thats the point you caught” Han Zhuoling held back his laugh.

Shi Xiaoya then realized their relationship had just begun and they were not at the marriage stage.

The future is hard to predict, yet she already started planning for marriage.

In truth, she had immersed herself in the role.

Imagining marrying Han Zhuoling and thinking about his words made her incredibly happy.

“So what” Shi Xiaoya held his hand and gave up denying it.

“I wish to be with you all the way and never see you marrying someone else in the end.

I naturally want to be with you forever since Im with you.”

Who dates with the aim of breaking up eventually

Of course, those playing the field didnt count.

Han Zhuoling suddenly tightened his grip on her hand.

“No way Id be with other women.”

Not even a glance for them.

Hes completely uninterested.

Being able to meet Shi Xiaoya in this life was his ultimate luck.

If he had not met her, he would probably be a bachelor his whole life.

“Well start looking for a time to marry after the New Year,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I may be talking about marriage, but I definitely dont mean to force you into it!” Han Zhuolings urgency was as if shed pressed for matrimony.

“Of course youre not forcing me, whatever are you thinking” Han Zhuoling glanced at her in mirth.

“Yesterday, Auntie was clearly the one baldly stating that we should start discussing dates after the New Year.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Her mothers words were clearly an excuse.

Even she could read between the lines.

Han Zhuoling was so clever, so how could he not understand

He was clearly taking advantage of her mothers words.

However, she was glad that Han Zhuoling had that intention.


Meanwhile, at the doorway of the Han family home, the chauffeur hung up the call from Han Zhuoling and heard Han Dongping tell Lin Liye cooly, “Get in the car.”

Lin Liye glanced at him in disdain and scoffed.

Get into whose car!

Having lived with Han Dongping for so many decades, Lin Liye knew that Han Dongping was trying to reconcile.

But with his current attitude and how hed behaved in the house

Dream on!

She spoke directly to the chauffeur.

“Get in, go!”

With that, she boarded the vehicle and closed the door with a mighty “bang.”

The chauffeur hurriedly followed.

Han Dongping was about to open the door when Lin Liye swiftly locked it, at the same time rushing the chauffeur.


In the end, Han Dongping could only stand and watch as Lin Liyes car drove away.

That woman, how rebellious she is!


The next day, Lu Man reported to the theater with her script.

As a newbie performing in a stage play for the first time, Lu Man turned up an hour before schedule.

Even Xu Jiashan was not yet here.


Lu, youre here!” The workers in the theater were much older, so they were not shy upon seeing Lu Man.

When Lu Man came here for the first time, Xu Jiashan had also brought her on a tour around the theater and introduced her to the people here.

And because there were too many of them, Lu Man might not remember all of them, but everyone had a deep impression of her.

Afterward, to better situate herself with performing on stage, Lu Man not only went to watch plays frequently but she also reported to the theater daily to watch other groups of performers practice in order to learn from it.

Because she came so regularly, she became acquainted with the workers here.

The daily exchange of pleasantries made everyone on good terms with each other.

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