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Chapter 1885: You Cant

“Thats right,” a male actor behind Wu Jingli chipped in.

“She doesnt even know what level shes in, yet shes claiming to be a rookie and posturing herself lowly, all on top of coming early and studying every day.

What a good act she puts on.

If she really felt she was a rookie, she wouldnt have snapped up this important role!”

“Just this point alone highlights how shes so thick-skinned.

Its useless no matter how she acts humble.

She doesnt have the skill yet likes to steal roles,” another follower, Xu Yuting, said.

Wu Jinglis face was dark.

“I shall see how bad she acts later on.”

“Even though her acting is surely bad, Teacher, youll still have to act opposite her and help her get in character.

Its so unfair!” Sun Xiutong goaded.

Were they really speaking up for Wu Jingli

Obviously not!

They were just green-eyed.

They were around the same age, but because of Han Zhuoli, Lu Man could pick and choose any roles.

Meanwhile, until now, they could only tag behind Wu Jingli, cozying up and currying favor with her, and only acting in minor roles nobody remembers and earning a salary thats barely enough to survive in B City.

Such unfairness, how could they not be envious

But because they knew of her privileged background, they didnt dare make trouble for her outright and instigated Wu Jingli instead.

Did Wu Jingli not know Lu Mans background

Of course she did.

But Lu Man had infringed unto her interests, and Wu Jingli was determined to fight for it as long as she didnt threaten her own interest.

Wu Jingli and the three approached Lu Man.

“Teacher Wu,” Lu Man greeted automatically.

Wu Jingli gave a half-hearted smile and said, “The first scene seems to be ours.”

“Thats right,” Lu Man replied.

“Heres the flow.

We go through our lines first, then go onstage and act it once through.

Everyone will follow the script and play out the scenes onstage accordingly.

When were not onstage, well be preparing backstage.

The director will correct us when were performing onstage,” Wu Jingli explained.

Lu Man nodded her understanding.

Wu Jingli glanced at the script in her hand.

“Have you memorized your lines Were the first ones up, we dont have much time to prepare.

Dont keep making mistakes onstage later, or the actors after us cant go out.

Itd be like a domino effect, with you alone affecting everyone else after us and wasting everyones time.”

“Ive memorized them,” Lu Man said.

As she had already said, shes a greenhorn and her acting had areas for improvement.

But as long as the elements could be controlled by her, like the fundamental jobs like memorizing lines, shed complete them perfectly.

Wu Jingli glanced at Lu Man, not confident in her words.

“Alright, let us go through it once,” Wu Jingli said.

All of them went backstage.

The three junior actors also had minor parts in the first scene.

The three used their scripts, and Wu Jingli wanted to as well.

But Lu Man did not use hers.

She remembered all her lines.

Wu Jingli saw that and a streak of competitiveness arose within her.

She couldnt lose to Lu Man in this aspect, could she

Shed memorized her lines too anyway, and so she put away the script.

“You cant act like this,” Wu Jingli interrupted Lu Man.

“Then how should I act” Lu Man, on the other hand, was genuinely asking for guidance.

Shed managed to decipher three different ways of acting this scene and had tried them out a few times, even dragging Han Zhuoli to act opposite her at home.

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