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As Guo Yujie spoke, Shi Xiaoya arranged the cosmetics nicely and started applying some on Lu Man.

“Its actually not a big deal, I just couldnt hold it in,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

“I know even after today, theyll still be unconvinced and talk bad about you.

I only hope theyll rein it in slightly and not go overboard.

Have some fear in their hearts.”

Guo Yujie, while helping out Shi Xiaoya, laughed.

“Isnt the fear inspired by Young Master Han scary enough But they still talked nonsense.

Jealousy will never die in humans.”

“Yujies right.” Lu Man smirked.

“Anyway, such things have happened before and will happen again in the future.

Im used to it.

What they say wont affect me.”

“But…” Lu Man took a turn, looking up at Shi Xiaoya and winking at her.

“Its good to have a sister-in-law wholl defend and support me when others talk bad about me.”

Shi Xiaoya blushed.

What sister-in-law!

She was used to Lu Mans calm and confident manner in the entertainment industry.

Who knew she could be so impish!

“Whos talking bad about you” A nice and steady male voice rang by the door.

The three women turned to look.

To see Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling appear.

“You guys arrived this early” Lu Man was surprised.

It was almost New Years, and the Han Corporation had many employees who needed to travel back to their hometowns, so the company would give them earlier leaves.

But Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli would never take a leave this early and would work until the last day.

And if anything cropped up during the holidays, both of them would settle it at once.

Holidays, to them, were a luxury.

“Theres nothing much today, and most of the employees have left.

Its almost the holidays anyway, so we let them off earlier,” Han Zhuoli explained as he walked in with Han Zhuoling.

“And its your performance today, so we came earlier.”

Han Zhuoli stopped by her side.

While Shi Xiaoya was on the other side doing Lu Mans makeup…

Han Zhuoling walked over, and he restrained himself from giving Shi Xiaoya a greeting kiss because Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were there.

Not knowing his thoughts, Shi Xiaoya turned and gave Han Zhuoling a sweet smile before continuing her work.

“You havent answered me, whos speaking badly of you” Han Zhuoli wouldnt let Lu Man escape the question.

Resigned, she answered, “I encounter these things everywhere.

Its all because of jealousy and envy, its no big deal.

Its nothing much, just some spiteful comments which I dont take to heart.”

Frankly, Lu Man had always been like this.

Ever since she started working at the Han Corporation, in fact.

Hearing mean comments and being ostracized by her colleagues didnt affect her.

She did not care nor take revenge, only focusing on her own tasks.

As long as the other party didnt physically harm her in any way.

Like Dai Yiran, and like what shed encountered in the entertainment industry after.

Lu Man didnt do much at first.

But after they turned physical, Lu Man then took action.

Its not as if Lu Man was free every day and would go out in full force just because of a few mean comments.

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