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Chapter 1901: You Wish

“Its the New Year, what rubbish are you saying!” Han Dongping said at the side.

Lin Liye frowned.

“What did I say”

“You said you have no more regrets.

How inauspicious is that!” Han Dongping said unhappily.

“Then you definitely want me to have regrets, is that it” Lin Liye smiled mockingly.

“I dont mean anything else.

I just hope that the two brothers are always well so I dont have anything to worry about.

Yet you insist on misinterpreting it.

You cant wait for something to happen to me, is that it”

“Dont spout rubbish!” Han Dongping got so angry that his face reddened slightly.

“Why would I think so! I never hoped that you would not live well!”

“Hmph!” Lin Liye scoffed and did not bother with him again.

Auntie Sun was about to start folding dumplings.

Shen Nuo went to help, so Lin Liye left Han Dongping behind and went over too.

This was the Han Familys tradition.

The dumplings made every Chinese New Year were folded by everyone together.

There were all kinds of it, with all kinds of fillings.

When Shen Nuo was young, she would even pull pranks and add mustard to the dumplings.

She would only pick one dumpling to put it in and later see who would be the one eating it.

This was not to say that they still had to do the work themselves or whatever, just that it was a kind of tradition.

On Chinese New Years Eve, the whole family would gather around the table and chat as they folded dumplings.

Up until now, when Shen Nuo and Lin Liye were almost at the age of becoming grandmothers, they would still get excited on this day and pull pranks like little girls would do.

Lin Liye was originally a very mature person, but after being sisters-in-law with Shen Nuo for a long time, she got influenced by her as well, so her character gradually loosened up.

This time, it was Lin Liyes turn to come up with an idea and stuffed one dumpling with a spicy strip.

The spicy strip was one that she saw online previously.

It seemed to be very popular and many people enjoyed it.

How would Lin Liye have tried this before, though She only brought some back out of curiosity.

She saw that that brand of spicy strips made all kinds of shapes, like that in flower patterns, and they had all kinds of names for it.

Lin Liye thought that they were different flavors, so she bought every kind of it.

Unknowingly, she ended up buying one whole box of it.

When the box came, she did not even have time to eat it, so today, she brought the whole box over to let everyone have a taste of it.

Yet everyone realized that the taste was still decent, just that it was too salty and oily and not as delicious as it was rumored to be.

Hence, Lin Liye chose some to stuff into the dumplings.

Old Mrs.

Han laughed so hard and said, “I still remember last year, Ah Nuo stuffed canned pineapple inside.

Who knew it would actually turn out to be quite nice to eat It tasted a little like pineapple sweet and sour pork.

This year, you wrapped the spicy strip in it.

Were really on track to eating a dark dumpling every year.”

“But it might not necessarily taste bad.

Who knows, it might just taste good,” Lin Liye said, smiling.

Han Xijin came over to join in the fun and said, “Yo, which is the one thats stuffed with the spicy strip Make a mark for me, lest Istrike lottery later on.”

“You wish,” Shen Nuo said with a smile.

Han Xijin then joined in the fun and folded a normal dumpling.

As the one he folded was way too ugly, and one could tell that he folded it with one look, the whole dumpling was a very obvious mark by itself.

So Shen Nuo did not allow him to wrap special flavors into it.

Han Dongping would not do that kind of thing.

He stared at them seated around the dining table from afar and scoffed.

“How old are they to still be so immature!”

After saying that, he saw that Han Zhuofeng was about to go and join them, and he called to him, “Zhuofeng, come with me.”

Han Zhuofeng looked at the joyful dining room, and then looked at Han Dongpings sullen face.

He instantly felt that one side was bright while the other was dark.

In the end, he still sighed and went with Han Dongping.

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