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Chapter 1908: She Had to Do This

Jiang Yujies family were all eating together.

It was very lively.

Her grandfather and grandmother were no longer around, but her fathers younger brothers would always bring their families to visit their home on New Years Eve.

The dining table was filled with the sounds of men drinking and chatting.

Jiang Yujie did not hear her phone ring, but she felt it vibrate, so she walked to the balcony.

When she looked, she saw it was actually from Lu Qiyuans phone.

Jiang Yujies eyes flashed and she picked it up.


“Xiao Jie.” Lu Qiyuans drunken tone was evident as he said, “I can call you that, right”

“CEO, did you have too much to drink” Jiang Yujie asked.

Unlike the noise on this side, Lu Qiyuans side was very quiet.

“I am alone here.

The table is filled with dishes, but theres no one at home.

Your side sounds really lively.

Theres a lot of people there, right” Lu Qiyuan said desolately.

“CEO, why are you alone Wheres Madam and Missy” Jiang Yujie asked.

Separated by the phone, Lu Qiyuan naturally could not see the scheming look in her eyes.

“They… They only want to scheme for my assets and my company.

I—” Lu Qiyuan laughed bitterly.

“Its New Year now, yet I dont even have someone who truly cares for me to be by my side.

I dont want to be with those people who want to scheme against me at all.

Its New Year and yet I still have to make myself more upset.

They schemed against me.

How are they still my kin”

“CEO, youre drunk,” Jiang Yujie said.

“Where… are you now”

“That villa…” Lu Qiyuan said.

Jiang Yujie knew about that villa because she did much of the paperwork for that for Lu Qiyuan.

“Im sorry, Im disturbing you, right Its New Years Eve now, sorry about this.

Looks like Im really drunk.” Lu Qiyuan laughed bitterly again.

“I still told you all this nonsense.

Have a good New Year.

Im fine.

Ill hang up first.”

Jiang Yujie brought down her phone.

She thought about it and went to put on her coat, took her bag, and said to her parents, “Dad, Mom, I have something on last minute at the company.

I have to go over now.”

“That company of yours is too much.

Its Chinese New Year Eve, the holidays have already started, yet they still want you to go and work” Mrs.

Jiang complained.

“I have no choice.

I am a newcomer to begin with, so most of the work falls on me.

And when I first went to the company to work back then, I didnt know anything.

Its rare that the Boss was accepting of me.

So whenever there is any work, I would try my best to finish it without complaints.”

“You guys eat first, I will try my best to come back earlier,” Jiang Yujie said to the relatives seated at the table.

“Its not safe to call a cab now at night.

Let us know when you finish work so your dad can go and fetch you,” Mrs.

Jiang said.

“Theres no need.

You all drank quite a lot already.

Ill see how it goes.

If I really cant finish, I will just sleep in the office,” Jiang Yujie said.

When Jiang Yujie left, Mrs.

Jiang shook her head.

“This child, she is too busy.”

“Its hard on her,” a few uncles and aunties said.

Jiang Yujie called a cab.

As it was New Years Eve, many drivers were not on the streets anymore.

They were all celebrating at home.

She could only add quite a lot of tips before getting a cab.

She put down the address of Lu Qiyuans villa.

There were very few cars on the road, so she reached Lu Qiyuans villa very quickly.

Jiang Yujie got off the car and reached the entrance to the door.

She took a deep breath.

She knew what it meant when she came here.

But she had to do this.

Jiang Yujie did not hesitate anymore and pressed the doorbell.

Lu Qiyuan only drank until he was tipsy.

It was at the perfect level of drunkenness where he was not too drunk.

He was not completely drunk, so he went to the door and saw Jiang Yujie standing outside the door from the intercom screen.

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