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Chapter 1909: Struck Lottery

Lu Qiyuan suddenly felt a wave of excitement.

He opened the door and saw Jiang Yujie standing there shyly, looking evidently concerned about him.

“CEO, when I heard you were spending the New Year here alone, I felt…” Jiang Yujie was too embarrassed to say she thought he was pitiful, so she said, “Anyway, I wanted to come and see you.”

Lu Qiyuan grabbed Jiang Yujies wrist and pulled her in.

“Xiao Jie.”

His breath, which reeked of alcohol, blew on Jiang Yujies face.

“Do you know what it means for you to come here to my place I am drunk now, but I am still clear-headed.

Still, Im the only one here, and Im a man.”

Jiang Yujies gaze flickered, and she stared at him nervously.

Lu Qiyuan did not live in vain for so many years.

He knew when he could make a move.

Jiang Yujies little rabbit-like look made her seem like she had not been through it.

Lu Qiyuan got even more excited.

He lowered his head and kissed her.


After 12 pm, at the family home, the dumplings were put to boil in the pot.

They were cooked not long after and were laid out plate by plate.

“This years extraingredient dumpling is stuffed with a spicy strip.

Lets see whos the lucky one who can get to eat it,” Old Mrs.

Han said with a laugh.

“Wow, who thought of that idea!” Han Zhuofeng asked.

It was stuffed with a spicy strip.

Thinking about it was scary enough.

“What a coincidence.

Its your mom,” Old Mrs.

Han answered, still laughing.

Han Zhuofeng really did not expect that.

Even his mom had become so mischievous now!

It was evident that Lin Liyes life was really very carefree now.

In the past, when she was with Han Dongping, although she was gentle and magnanimous, she would definitely not have thought of such an idea.

Han Dongping would say this was not being mature.

This kind of thing was mostly done by Shen Nuo.

But now, Lin Liye also became so lively.

Lu Man smiled really happily and just stuffed one whole dumpling into her mouth.

Yet the moment she ate it, her expression froze.

Han Zhuofeng burst out laughing.

“It cant be that your luck is so good that you got it on your first bite”

Lu Man swallowed the dumpling with difficulty.

It was really like what Han Zhuofeng said.

She got it on the first bite.

“I didnt expect it either.

I thought the chances of it was so small, so my luck couldnt be so good.” Lu Man did not know whether to cry or laugh when she said that.

“I wonder if the lottery booth is open on the first day of Chinese New Year.

I think I can go and buy some.”

“Hahahaha, how does it taste like” Old Mrs.

Han asked curiously.

“Erm… its not too bad.” Lu Man tasted it carefully in her mouth.

“The spicy strip isnt as salty as before since its been cooked.

Its probably partially absorbed by the dumpling skin.

But its not exactly delicious.”

“The only dumpling with the spicy strip had been eaten by you.

The spicy strip looks red and fiery, so I wish you have a red and fiery year ahead this year,” Lin Liye said, smiling.

“Many thanks, Auntie,” Lu Man quickly said.

After they ate a few more dumplings, Lu Mans phone rang.

Usually, people did not send text messages or made calls to wish someone a happy new year.

Especially for young people.

In this era where people used chatting software, most people would just mindlessly mass-forward the new year well-wishes messages they received from other people to their own chat groups.

This kind of mission-completing style of wishing people a happy new year was very meaningless.

When Lu Man received such messages, she would just ignore them and not reply.

And the people who would send such things happened to be those people whom she did not contact often.

As for the people she contacted often, even if she only said a simple “Happy New Year,” it would be enough to show her sincerity.

Lu Man also sent her New Year well-wishes to Zheng Yuan and the girls, as well as to Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, Lu Dongliu, who always took care of her, and to other people whom she had worked with before and got along quite well with.

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