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Also, Lu Man was afraid that if she got pregnant and her stomach grew bigger, she would not look good wearing that wedding dress.

It was suitable for them to hold the wedding in May.

If they got pregnant before their wedding, it was only February now, so even if they got pregnant right then, she would only be three months pregnant.

By the time of the wedding, no one would be able to tell.

Both of them hurried back to the family home again.

Old Mr.

Han and Old Mrs.

Han actually had not slept.

Since the two elders had yet to sleep, the others naturally could not sleep either.

On New Years Eve, everyone had to stay at the family home.

This was their tradition.

Hence, when Lu Man and Han Zhuoli returned, the living room at home was still lit, and everyone was still around.

“Grandpa, Grandma, you both havent slept” Han Zhuoli said.

“Didnt you both send a WeChat message earlier on saying that you are coming back So we waited for you both to come back,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

It was almost daylight now, so the sky outside was also turning a little brighter.

Lu Man felt really bad and said, “I sent the message because I was afraid that if I called, it would wake you all up from sleep.

I thought that no matter what, I should still let you all know.

If you all were still awake, you would see the message.

If you were all asleep already, you wont be disturbed.

But I never expected that you would all keep waiting here.”

“Its fine.” Shen Nuo smiled and said, “When we saw your message, we all felt really touched and couldnt sleep anyway.

Were thinking that since you both are also coming back, we might as well wait for a while.

Quick, tell us in detail, or else we wont be able to sleep.”

Lu Man explained the situation in detail and then said, “The whole process went very smoothly.”

Lu Man even noted down and told them the little babys time of birth and weight.

“Dad is staying in the hospital now, so we came back first,” Lu Man explained.

“Good, good, good.” Previously at the hospital, Lu Man had already informed everyone of the name Wang Juhuai had come up with for the baby.

Now that they had no other concerns, they agreed that they would go to the hospital to visit Xia Qingwei when morning came.

Only then did everyone quickly go to sleep.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli also quickly went to rest.


When everyone reached the hospital, Xia Qingwei had already woken up.

A C-section was not as painful as compared to natural birth, but it would be very painful postpartum.

Basically, no matter which method women chose to give birth, they would have to go through a painful time.

Hence, when they saw Xia Qingwei, she still did not look very spirited.

Even with the epidural, she still felt some pain.

When she saw Old Mrs.

Han and the others, Xia Qingwei immediately sat up.

“Dont, dont.

Dont move around recklessly.” Old Mrs.

Han immediately stopped her.

“Were here to visit you, not here to give you more trouble.”

Seeing that Xia Qingweis complexion still looked a little pale, Old Mrs.

Han asked, “Whats wrong Which part do you still not feel well in”

Xia Qingwei smiled and said, “Im fine.

Its just that after the C-section, I feel some pain, but its not too painful, so its still manageable.”

Because there was an osmotic pump, it was not that painful.

But once the pump was taken away, it would really be awfully painful.

Even if it was not very painful, the recurrent, dull pain would be very torturous still.

Of course, Old Mrs.

Han knew that.

“Aish, its just not very easy for women to give birth.”

“I just need to endure for a few more days and Ill be fine,” Xia Qingwei said with a smile.

“Luckily, everything went smoothly this time.

Juhuai researched the numerous pros and cons between natural birth and C-section delivery.

When he saw that the risk of heavy bleeding is higher for C-section, it really scared the wits out of him.

I hadnt even given birth and he was already scaring himself.

Now we can finally heave a sigh of relief.”

Wang Juhuai was really overreacting.

Previously, Old Mrs.

Han had sent a hundred-year-old ginseng over.

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