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No matter which, its something they couldnt accept.

They finally got back from their travels.

Its been over half a year.

Only to hear Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei were already married.

Its fine if Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei were together, but to not even tell them that theyd married How could they accept it

Wang Taihong was angered by Wang Juhuais words.

“Does telling us about it and us coming over clash Even if we cant come, should you hide it from us Whats more, its not some deserted place we went to, its not difficult coming over, so why couldnt we If you told us, we could have come over instantly!”

“I shouldnt have kept it from you,” Wang Juhuai said.

Wang Taihongs expression softened a fraction.

Hes their son still; he had to bend his will.

Alas, Wang Juhuai continued, “Only, I felt that theres no point in telling you.

Its my marriage, Ill marry whomever I please.

As parents, interfering in my marriage once was enough.

You both should just enjoy your retirement life.”

Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing never expected Wang Juhuai to have such thoughts.

They were furious.

“Is it that Xia Qingwei!” Lu Wenqing couldnt bear it any longer and her doubt burst forth from her lips.

“Did she speak ill of us in front of you”

Wang Juhuais face grew dark.

“She never criticized you in any way.

Were happy by ourselves, so why would she mention you for no reason As your son, dont I know you well enough Its all my own thoughts, nothing to do with her.”

Wang Juhuai looked at Lu Wenqing through the rearview mirror.

“She could see your thoughts and feelings regarding the incident back then, but she never talked about it.

Because its all in the past.

Were good now, theres no point in bringing up the past.

As for me not telling you, its not that Im hiding it, just that theres no point in informing you.”

“If youre sad and think you didnt get the respect you deserve, then think about what you did, whether you deserved this respect or not,” he continued.

“If you could really treat Qingwei as family, and not like last time, then naturally, Id forget about the past and tell you anything in the future.”

But Wang Juhuais words were clearly useless.

Lu Wenqing gritted her teeth, and taking deep breaths did nothing to soothe her anger.

In her eyes, this was all Xia Qingweis influence on Wang Juhuai.

What did they do wrong


They were all for the good of Wang Juhuai.

Its Xia Qingwei who still couldnt forget the past, and as a result, she made Wang Juhuai feel distant from them!

Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing said nothing else, and Wang Juhuai felt even gloomier.

Its obvious his parents did not come to reconcile.

He parked at Chu Tian Confinement Centers car park.

Before getting off, he said, “Dad, Mom, no matter if you accept Qingwei or not, shes my wife.

She put her life on the line to have a child at her age just to give me a child.

Id originally made up my mind to not have a child, but she disagreed and insisted on having my child.”

Hearing this, Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqings expression softened slightly.

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