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Chapter 1921: Not So Easy to Bully

In this way, he would then be really assured.

But who would have known that Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing wanted to come at this time

Xia Qingwei would definitely feel pressured.

And the last thing Wang Juhuai wanted was to give Xia Qingwei pressure.

Lu Wenqing was expressionless.

If Wang Juhuai was not around, Lu Wenqing would definitely scoff out loud.

Just for Xia Qingwei, Wang Juhuai pushed everything aside to place her as his top priority.

After saying all these, Wang Juhuai stared at them calmly, as if to say that if they did not agree, he would just sit here and wait.

Wang Taihong nodded with a sullen face.

“I got it.

She already married you and bore a son for you.

Things have already come to this, so no matter what, we cant object to it, right”

Towards the end, his words had a hint of sarcasm again.


Wang Juhuai sighed.

It looked like their attitude could not be changed.

Wang Juhuai rubbed the space between his eyebrows.

He really wanted to send them on the plane back to America right now.

They walked all the way to Xia Qingweis room.

The moment they opened the door, before they went in, they could hear some faint laughter coming from inside.

It was Lu Man watching a popular drama that had aired recently with Xia Qingwei.

It was that drama that Old Mrs.

Han had recommended to Lin Liye and Shen Nuo, and it was then recommended by Lin Liye and Shen Nuo to Xia Qingwei.

Since Xia Qingwei was doing her confinement here, she really had nothing else to do.

Wang Juhuai came in first.

“Dad.” When Lu Man saw him, she immediately called him.

Xia Qingwei paused the drama.

It was being streamed online anyway, so they could pause it anytime.

Right after that, she saw Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing, who walked in after Wang Juhuai.

Ever since Xia Qingwei heard they were coming, she had thought countless times about how she should face them.

Yet when it really came to this moment, Xia Qingwei actually smiled naturally and said, “Dad, Mom.”

Who knew that one day, she would actually greet the two of them like this.

Saying it out was really kind of awkward.

Lu Wenqing smiled and walked up, looking all friendly as she asked, “Qingwei, hows your recovery”

“Im recovering well, I can be off the IV drip after two days,” Xia Qingwei replied.

“Thats quite good.

We should have come earlier so we could help out a little.

Its all because of Juhuai.

He did not even tell us about such a big thing.

We actually had to hear it from another person,” Lu Wenqing said with a smile, as if she was complaining.

This other person was naturally Lin Jinshu.

Although they had not contacted each other for over twenty years, Xia Qingwei still knew very well how close Lin Jinshu and Lu Wenqing had been back then.

And since Lin Jinshu did not give up on Wang Juhuai, she naturally would not end her ties with Lu Wenqing.

Lin Jinshu knew that Lu Wenqing did not like her, so she told Lu Wenqing about her matter, wanting Lu Wenqing to come and deal with her.

Xia Qingwei knew it very well.

Lu Wenqings seemingly innocuous words could not hide her schemes from other people.

Much less from Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai.

Even if Lu Man did not know what happened back then, she could also guess some things roughly.

Now that shed heard Lu Wenqing say that, it confirmed her thoughts.

She could naturally guess that that “other person” was Lin Jinshu.

Lu Wenqings fake smile could deceive others, but it could not deceive an actress like Lu Man.

Lu Man glanced at Wang Juhuai and started to be wary of Lu Wenqing.

Xia Qingwei gave a faint smile.

“Its fine, I dont need to be taken care of anyway.

We have a helper at home, as well as the specialist team provided by Chu Tian.

Theres no one else whos more professional than them.”

With one sentence, she easily rebutted Lu Wenqings previous words.

The corners of Lu Mans lips curved slightly.

Her mom was not so easy to bully.

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