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Chapter 1926: Did You Both Not Look Up Man Man on the Internet at All

“When the child starts to learn how to speak, we will bring him away.

In this way, we can expose him to an English-speaking environment from a young age so he can adapt to it faster.

Or else, if he goes over only after he grows older, it wont be easy for him to adapt.”

Xia Qingweis face immediately darkened and she clenched her teeth tightly.

She could tolerate Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing, but if they wanted to snatch her son away, she would not tolerate that!

These two people were really out of their minds!

They actually wanted to take the child away!

They made themselves sound so kind and understanding, saying things like the child was still young and that they would wait until the child could speak.

By then, the child would only be around one or two years old.

Wont the child still be young then

Xia Qingwei did not even want to fake a smile to patronize them.

She scoffed and turned to Wang Juhuai directly.

Wang Juhuai did not expect that his parents would actually be so out of their minds!

Wang Juhuai scoffed and said, “I will arrange a private jet for you both.

The two of you can go back to America tonight.”

“What do you mean by this!” Lu Wenqing stared at Wang Juhuai in disbelief.

“Our child will not be given to you both for you to teach.

In the future, you both dont need to come over either.

During important festivals, I will bring Qingwei and the child to visit the two of you.

As for the rest, you both can forget about it,” Wang Juhuai said coldly.

“I really did not expect that the two of you would actually come up with such an unreasonable request.”

“We are doing all this for Yijuns sake!” Wang Taihong said.

“How did you teach your own child to turn out Do you still have no idea” Wang Juhuai said mockingly.

“Look what Wang Jugu turned the company into.

The two of you doted on Wang Qianyun since she was young, but has she found a job now If not for me back then, she wont even be able to find a job! And luckily for me, if not for Qingweis father and for my violin master, whom I learned from since I was young, I would also have been by your side.

Since I wasnt, I didnt grow up to have bad character.”

“But all those people the two of youtaught and who stayed by your side, what have they achieved now Lets not even talk about achievements right now.

They dont even have good character! You still have the cheek to talk to me about education” Wang Juhuai said coldly.

“The child is Qingweis, so the child has to stay by her side.

Stop having those ridiculous dreams of yours!”

“You… You! If not for us, how would you have had the chance to learn the violin And become a violin master” Lu Wenqing pointed at Wang Juhuai and said, “How exactly did this woman bewitch you You are so protective of her and even treat her burden of a step-child like your own biological daughter to provide for.

Now, you dont even want to acknowledge us as your parents!”

Lu Man raised her eyebrow.

Xia Qingwei said coldly, “Mrs.

Wang, please be more respectful! With such manners, you still want to raise my son”

“Whats wrong with my manners Its a thousand times better than yours!” Lu Wenqing could not even be bothered to put up the most shoddy pretense now.

“You think we dont know what kind of place the entertainment industry is Lu Man doesnt have anything, yet she managed to become famous.

Who knows what she sold!”

Xia Qingwei got so angry that she picked up her cup and was about to throw it at Lu Wenqing.

Nothing good comes out from the mouth of a scoundrel!

In the end, Lu Man stopped her.

That was Wang Juhuais mother, after all.

She could not do that in front of Wang Juhuai no matter what.

“Enough!” Wang Juhuai stood in front of the bed and shielded Xia Qingwei behind him, making his protective stance clear and obvious.

“The two of you… the two of you are really great, huh.” Wang Juhuai almost laughed in anger.

“Did you both not look up Man Man on the Internet at all”

Lu Wenqing said disdainfully, “Why would we look her up”

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