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Chapter 1939: Let Her Come Back, Theres Nothing Between Us

Seeing that Guo Yujie was also there, she knew that Guo Yujie was the one who went to ask for help and she gave her a look of gratitude.

Guo Yujie asked in a small voice, “What happened Did he take advantage of you”

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.

“Im fine.

Luckily, you reacted quickly.”

Zheng Xuexin glanced at Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie, who were hiding behind Lu Dongliu, and scoffed in his heart.

Did they think they would be fine after avoiding him this time

Shi Xiaoyas assistant was quite pesky too.

“Teacher Zheng, are you not satisfied with the makeup” Lu Dongliu asked.

Before waiting for Zheng Xuexin to reply, he quickly said, “I will switch out the makeup artists for you right now.”

He seized the chance and wanted to swap Shi Xiaoya out.

The filming environment this time was better, and Zheng Xuexin had seniority.

Thus, the production team prepared an individual makeup room for him.

If it was in a big makeup room, with other people around, at least someone else would have come and helped her out even if he did not see Shi Xiaoya being pestered.

How could Zheng Xuexin not tell that Lu Dongliu was seizing the chance to help Shi Xiaoya escape

“I couldnt tell that Director Lu takes quite good care of her.” Zheng Xuexins tone was dripping with sarcasm.

“Theres no need, Ill just let her do my makeup.”

But Lu Dongliu did not dare to let Shi Xiaoya stay no matter what.

This was a private makeup room, and it was really too dangerous.

As for trivial things like the makeup artists drawing lots and assigning dressing rooms for the guests, Lu Dongliu was not involved.

For these kinds of trivial things, he would just leave it to his subordinates to do.

Looking at the situation now, he secretly cursed and wondered who did such a scumbag thing.

They clearly knew what kind of a scoundrel Zheng Xuexin was.

Just to be safe, they should have just assigned a male makeup artist to him.

They did not really have to go by the book strictly and draw lots to decide.

When met with such a special situation, could they just not change it up a little

Lu Dongliu did not listen to Zheng Xuexin.

After entering his production team, he would have to listen to him now.

If Zheng Xuexin bore a grudge against him afterward, that would be a matter for later.

Anyway, for now, with the contract still valid, Zheng Xuexin could not turn against him.

Lu Dongliu just gave Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie a look to have them stay out of this and quickly leave first.

Shi Xiaoya gave Lu Dongliu a look of gratitude and quickly brought Guo Yujie to leave with her.

Even if it was someone else, when they saw that the girl was not willing, Lu Dongliu would not just stand by and let the girl get taken advantage of.

His personality did not allow him to stand by the side without helping if he knew of the matter.

Much less in this case when Shi Xiaoya had Han Zhuoling to back her up.

All the more he could not ignore the issue.

Shi Xiaoya also knew that, even if Lu Dongliu offended Zheng Xuexin because of her, it would be fine because Han Zhuoling was around, so Zheng Xuexin would not be able to do anything to Lu Dongliu.

The two of them just went back to the huge dressing room.

Meanwhile, in the small dressing room, Zheng Xuexin looked at Lu Dongliu unhappily and said, “What do you mean by this!”

Lu Dongliu remained polite and put on a smile, but he did not compromise at all with his words.

“Shi Xiaoya made you unhappy, so I made her leave and stop causing trouble for you here.”

“I said it just now, I just want her to do my makeup! I said it very clearly just now, do you not understand” Zheng Xuexin said angrily.

“If you ask someone else to come, I wont have my makeup done anymore!”

“I hope you can cooperate with us,” Lu Dongliu said.

“We are about to start filming now.”

“Then I wont film anymore.” Zheng Xuexin pointed to the door.

“Let her come back, theres nothing going on between us.

Or can we just keep delaying this”

Lu Dongliu laughed in anger.

Just because of a woman, did he really have to do this

He was really blinded by lust.

“If you dont want to film, its fine too.

Then you will be breaking the contract on your side, we wont take any responsibility for it,” Lu Dongliu said.

He then turned to instruct Chi Xingrui, “Go and make preparations, we will substitute a different guest.”

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