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Chapter 1940: Really Dont Dare to Take the Gamble Now

Zheng Xuexin raised his eyebrow.

He did not expect Lu Dongliu to be so stubborn.

“Director Lu, Im not a newcomer who doesnt know anything, you dont need to use this to scare me.” Zheng Xuexin scoffed and said, “You dont want me to participate, so you will have on a different guest Who will you substitute”

“Hah, anyway, we have someone,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Teacher Zheng, you came on our show and signed our confidentiality clause.

Since you participated, without the approval of our show, you cannot reveal the guests who will be on our show for this episode.

But if you leave, we wont tell you about who the guest on our show will be.”

“Teacher Zheng, take your time, you dont have to rush.

Well leave this dressing room for you to rest, we dont need it.

My apologies, I still have to go and discuss the matter of swapping guests.

I wont disturb you anymore, have a good rest,” Lu Dongliu said, implying he would not bow down to Zheng Xuexins threat.

Right after saying that, he turned to leave and did not intend to discuss or bargain with Zheng Xuexin at all.

And he even said these polite words very patronizingly.

Zheng Xuexin knew at once that he was being serious.

This time, Zheng Xuexin really did not dare to take the gamble anymore.

Seeing how stubborn Lu Dongliu was, it really did not seem to him that he was like your usual director in production teams.

Usually, the directors would try their best to fulfill the guests requests, as long as they could guarantee that the show could carry on.

Whatever happened after that, they would just talk about it afterward.

It didnt matter even if they said harsh words after the incident and said things like they would not work together anymore.

When they met again later, they would still smile at each other and work with each other accordingly.

To put it plainly, they just placed their interests as the top priority.

But Lu Dongliu did not seem to value that

If Lu Dongliu knew of Zheng Xuexins thoughts, Lu Dongliu would definitely laugh at him.

And thank Zheng Xuexin for thinking so highly of his character.

But sorry, that was really not it.

He also valued his interests, or else why would he go and do such an expensive variety show

He had such confidence firstly because his show was very popular now, and he was really not afraid of the threats from one or two artistes.

There were so many artistes waiting to join their show.

He did not lack guests at all.

If Zheng Xuexin wanted other artistes to reject their show, then, too bad, he would be disappointed.

People who cared about interests would not give up on the opportunity to increase their popularity just because of this matter.

They would need to consider and see where the pros weighed the most.

‘Til, then that little bit of face he had would not be enough for use.

Another point was also because Lu Dongliu had Han Zhuoling backing him up.

With the Han Corporation investing in Survivor, there was really nothing left that could make Lu Dongliu bow down and eat humble pie.

He smiled while dealing with people because that was how Lu Dongliu usually interacted with other people.

As the saying went, an angry fist does not hit a smiling face.

If he coaxed the guests and made them happy, the show could go more smoothly.

No matter what the real situation was, whether the other party was a big shot or not, no matter whether the other party was more influential than Lu Dongliu and whether the words the other party said carried more weight than Lu Donglius, Lu Dongliu would be able to pacify you and make you think you were really amazing.

Lu Dongliu felt that Zheng Xuexin had probably been coaxed until he lost his self-awareness.

People like them who did variety shows all coaxed their guests like that, to the point that many guests became conceited about their own status.

Zheng Xuexin saw that Lu Dongliu was being serious and immediately stopped him.

“Director Lu!”

Lu Dongliu smirked with his back facing Zheng Xuexin.

He knew to be anxious now.

Even the tone with which he called him was different from before.

It was not as sarcastic as it was before and became more formal now.

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