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Chapter 1947: Who Are You Scaring

“Yeah, Teacher Zheng, you are right,” Shi Xiaoya said.

She still did not look like she was going to agree.

“But you really dont need to go to that trouble.

I have already forgotten about that.

Lets just treat it as if it never happened.

Dont worry, I wont go around saying things about it.

Its too late now, and youre a celebrity.

If reporters took a photo of you, it will be quite inconvenient for you as well.”

Shi Xiaoya did not want to waste her breath talking to Zheng Xuexin anymore.

Zheng Xuexin said that he wanted to apologize to her, but he still had designs on her in actual fact.

If he really wanted to apologize, why would he come at this time out of all other times

And she already said to let bygones be bygones.

Yet he still stayed there unrelentingly.

Did he really think other people could not see through his intentions

Shi Xiaoya did not care anymore.

Even if she offended Zheng Xuexin to death, she also could not be bothered anymore.

Anyway, based on the situation now, she had already offended Zheng Xuexin quite a lot.

Without saying anything more, Shi Xiaoya just closed the door.

Alas, she could not close the door no matter how she tried.

Zheng Xuexin was blocking the door with one hand, and his strength was enough to make Shi Xiaoya use her whole body strength to push against it.

Zheng Xuexin seemed to not be struggling at all.

He could even smile and say, “Shi Xiaoya, you know that Im just standing at your door and it wouldnt be nice if other people saw it.

And it wont be convenient for us to talk either.

Why dont you come out and go and have supper with me We can have a good chat while eating.

Or why dont you let me go in We can have a good chat in the room.”

Anyway, no matter what, Shi Xiaoya was in danger.

No matter which option she picked, she would be entering a tigers den.

“If I kept this up with you outside your room door, it wont be nice if other people saw.

There arent only people from the production team here, there are also normal hotel guests.

If other people saw, rumors would surely spread around,” Zheng Xuexin threatened.

Shi Xiaoya did not waste her energy talking to him.

Zheng Xuexin was just a scoundrel!

There was no way she could reason with this kind of scoundrel.

Shi Xiaoya quickly called for Guo Yujie.

“Yujie, quick, come and help!”

Guo Yujie was washing her face in the bathroom right then.

She planned to change into her pajamas to eat supper comfortably.

Hence, when she heard Shi Xiaoya talking at the door, she did not hear what she said clearly.

She only heard Shi Xiaoya talking, but she could not hear the content of her words clearly.

So all the more she did not know who Shi Xiaoya was talking to.

She thought that Shi Xiaoya was talking to someone from the production team.

She had just wiped off the water from her face at that moment.

When she heard Shi Xiaoya shouting, she instantly knew that something was wrong.

She rushed out immediately.

She saw Shi Xiaoya exerting her strength to block the door, but the door was still shaking and looking like it was opening wider and wider.

Guo Yujie had not even seen who was outside and just quickly ran over to help Shi Xiaoya.

The two of them pushed against the door together.

Zheng Xuexin could no longer continue using one hand then.

He used both hands together to push.

He was a man, after all, and his strength was gradually wearing out Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujies strength.

Guo Yujie asked, “Whos outside”

“Zheng Xuexin.” Shi Xiaoya had decided not to give Zheng Xuexin face anymore.

This man was so shameless that it was disgusting!

He was so desperate for women to this extent.

If other people were not willing, he actually wanted to force himself on them

“What the f*ck!” Guo Yujie cursed.

This was way too shameless.

Zheng Xuexin scoffed outside the door.

“Shi Xiaoya, open the door.

Theres no point even if you keep up with this stance.”

Shi Xiaoya was utterly furious.

“Zheng Xuexin, do you even have shame! If you continue pestering me, I will call the police!”

“Hah, who are you scaring” Zheng Xuexin did not heed her warning at all.

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