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Chapter 1950: I Am an Idiot!

Like when she went to film for the show in that underground palace, shed reflexively screamed out Han Zhuolings name out of fear.

Yet right at that moment, when she had just screamed his name, he appeared.

As long as he was around, she did not need to be afraid.

Now, it was the same.

She had been cornered to her wits end by Zheng Xuexin just now.

She and Guo Yujies strength added together were still no match for a grown man like Zheng Xuexin.

Zheng Xuexin had the habit of working out to maintain his figure too and had built muscles all over his body.

His strength did not need to be elaborated on.

In that instant, Shi Xiaoya also really hoped that Han Zhuoling could be around.

Yet she did not expect that, as if he could hear her voice, hed really appear!

When Zheng Xuexin managed to clamber up on his feet and saw Shi Xiaoya hugging Han Zhuolings elbow tightly, and then seeing how Han Zhuoling was being so protective of Shi Xiaoya, his heart sank.

Now, how could he not tell that Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie were really telling the truth just now

Shi Xiaoya might really just be in a romantic relationship with Han Zhuoling!

“You dont believe what my girlfriend says” Han Zhuoling asked in a cold voice.

“Believe! I believe!” How would Zheng Xuexin dare to say he did not believe now

“I never expected that there will be someone who will dare to target my girlfriend.” Han Zhuolings expression was dark and grim, the anger radiating out from him too heavy to bear.

Zheng Xuexin just “piak” and slapped himself.

“Young Master Ling, dont stoop to my level and take it against me!” Zheng Xuexin said.

He was quite a flexible person.

“I am the one who has bad eyes and is ignorant.

I am an idiot! I… I really didnt know Miss Shi is your—”

“You didnt know So what if you didnt know No matter who it is, if the girl is not willing, you can just force yourself on her If it was someone else, you can then force yourself on her If I didnt arrive in time, dont tell me you wanted to force yourself on my girlfriend!”

Han Zhuoling got even more mad as he said it.

He thought of how Shi Xiaoya was being pestered by a b*stard like this and was on the verge of letting him barge in past the door.

What could have happened next was too scary to think about.

Han Zhuoling hated that he could not just castrate this thing!

“Its my fault! Its my fault!” Zheng Xuexin just knelt in front of Han Zhuoling and started kowtowing to him.

“Young Master Ling, please spare me, I did wrong, I really know I did wrong!”

Zheng Xuexin lifted his hand and slapped himself again.

“From today onwards, I will definitely change.

Not just to Miss Shi, but even if its towards other girls, as long as the other party is not willing, I will not pester them.

When I see Miss Shi next time, I will definitely treat her politely and with respect.

If she doesnt want to see me, wherever she is at, I will definitely avoid her!”

He knew that perhaps only Shi Xiaoya would be able to put in a few good words for him in front of Han Zhuoling.

So Zheng Xuexin turned to Shi Xiaoya and started kowtowing to her as he said, “Miss Shi, I am a scumbag.

You are right, I am disgusting, I am shameless.

I promise I will change, and I will not make such a mistake again.

Please forgive me! You can hit me and scream at me as much as you like, I just hope that you can forgive me!”

Luckily, this floor had been booked completely by the production team, so there were no other guests.

Or else, if others saw Zheng Xuexin, who had a pretty good image, behaving like this at this moment, would they not be scared to death

Shi Xiaoya secretly pulled at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling lowered his head to look at her.

He thought to himself that Shi Xiaoya probably would not soften her heart just because she heard him say a few words.

He then heard Shi Xiaoya say, “I wont meddle with this, you can deal with him however you like.

But I think that before me, there have definitely been a lot of other victims who were alone and helpless.

They wont be able to fight against him at all and can only suffer such a huge loss for nothing in the end all alone.

And what happened in the past aside, even in the future, I dont believe he can really change.”

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