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Chapter 1951: She Was the One Who Misled Me!

As the saying went, the fox may grow but never become good.

Given how quickly Zheng Xuexin changed his attitude, he really did not have any integrity to speak of.

Zheng Xuexin could not hear what Shi Xiaoya said clearly.

He still stared at Shi Xiaoya pitifully, hoping that Shi Xiaoya would be able to put in a good word for him in front of Han Zhuoling.

Yes, Shi Xiaoya was not taken advantage of this time and had just been utterly disgusted by him.

But what about the others!

Some people accepted the conditions he proposed.

Whether he lied to them or not, at least, they were just hoping that they could get what they needed from each other and hoping to benefit from each other.

But what about those girls who had really been forced by him

Who would be the judge for them

Given Zheng Xuexins behavior, the more lowly he presented himself now, the more disgusted Shi Xiaoya felt!

“Miss Shi, Young Master Ling!” Zheng Xuexin pleaded desperately as he said, “Please spare me! Please, I beg you, please spare me!”

“Its all Liu Enxiao!” Zheng Xuexin remembered something.

“Its all because of that b*tch Liu Enxiao! She was the one who misled me! She—”

But Han Zhuoling did not give him the chance to finish talking and just kicked him right in the face and said, “Get lost!”

At the same time, he cut off his words.

Zheng Xuexin covered his nose and only felt an immense pain coming from it.

It felt as if there was something warm running down his nose.

His mouth had also turned swollen from the kick, and there was the scent of blood in his mouth.

He wondered if it was his lips that got busted til it bled or the tooth inside that had been broken.

But all these, Zheng Xuexin did not have time to sense and feel.

Han Zhuolings “get lost” gave him hope.

He thought that Han Zhuoling was letting him off like this and no longer pursuing the matter anymore.

Zheng Xuexin quickly covered his nose and mouth and ran away.

Coincidentally, when the lift arrived, he did not even take a look at the people inside and just rushed in.

He then saw Shi Feng, Ling Xiaoen, and Duan Pingxian, who were preparing to come out.

Previously, Liu Enxiao did not contact them at all and only found an excuse to say that the three of them had already headed out for supper beforehand.

But in fact, it was considered a lucky hit.

Shi Feng and the others really went out earlier to have supper.

They happened to be coming back now and were on the lift when they saw Zheng Xuexin barging in while covering his nose and mouth.

The trio did not know whether they should greet Zheng Xuexin or not.

Would it be better to just pretend not to know him

Zheng Xuexin in his current state probably would not want other people to recognize him either.

Hence, Shi Feng and the others very tacitly pretended not to recognize Zheng Xuexin and stepped out of the lift.

When the lift door closed, the three of them then turned back to look at the lift.

“Did Zheng Xuexin come and find trouble for Shi Xiaoya” Shi Feng asked in a low voice.

In the morning, Zheng Xuexin was pestering Shi Xiaoya.

The whole production team knew about it.

Now, Zheng Xuexin might very likely be feeling upset and indignant, so he seized the chance to come and find Shi Xiaoya at night.

“What nonsense is that!” Duan Pingxian also looked down on people like Zheng Xuexin.

“The little girl wont have been taken advantage of, right” Ling Xiaoen asked.

“I dont think so.

She is with her assistant.

And this whole floor is all for the people from the production team.

If something happens, they will definitely come out,” Duan Pingxian said.

“That Zheng Xuexin is really dumb.

He really dares to go after anyone.”

“No matter what, lets still go and take a look first,” Shi Feng said.

Duan Pingxian and Ling Xiaoen also felt that this was better too and headed towards Shi Xiaoyas room.

Yet the three of them did not expect that they would see Han Zhuoling on the corridor leading to Shi Xiaoyas room!

Han Zhuoling even had luggage beside him.

“Young Master Ling.” Shi Feng and the others greeted.

Han Zhuoling nodded at them.

“We didnt expect Young Master Ling to be here as well.

Then well take our leave,” Shi Feng said.

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