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Chapter 1953: Just Because I Missed You

Anyway, Shi Xiaoya had been protected by Shi Nancang from a young age.

After she grew up, she had Qin Zigou and Shi Nancang standing up for her.

Shi Xiaoya had never suffered before or been afraid of anything.

As she had been protected well, she was not timid or afraid of anything.

That is, it was precisely because she had been protected well that she was not afraid of anything.

If there was anything her brother could not solve, there was still Qin Zigou.

Now, it was even better.

She had Han Zhuoling, the Big Boss.

There was nothing he could not resolve.

Shi Nancang and Qin Zigou had lost their utility.

“Im fine,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Tell me, I want to know too.”

Han Zhuoling sighed and said, “Im just afraid if I say it, you will find that I am not as nice as you thought.”

“You know how I think of you” Shi Xiaoya smiled until her eyes curved into crescents.

“No matter what you do, I wont think that its not good.

I will keep trusting you.

No matter what you do, you will surely have your reasons, and it will all be correct.”

Guo Yujie felt her jaw hurt.

What did she do wrong that she had to suffer from PDA even when she was out on a work trip

This was such a late night.

Could they give a single dog like her some warmth

Since Shi Xiaoya trusted him, Han Zhuoling then explained, “I stopped Zheng Xuexin from saying it, firstly, because he had already confessed about Liu Enxiao.

But I didnt listen to him elaborate and just cut him off to make him leave.

It will make him think that I have already let him off, but at the same time, I didnt even listen to him explain.

He had clearly been instigated by Liu Enxiao, yet Liu Enxiao was fine.

Do you think Zheng Xuexin can take it”

“He wont dare to come and find me to haggle over what Liu Enxiao did,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Given my attitude just now, and his anxious and depraved mood, he will only think that I wont be in the mood to listen to who else he said was involved and would just want to settle all the scores with her.”

“He had been instigated by Liu Enxiao and landed in huge trouble.

How could he watch Liu Enxiao keep herself out of trouble and not have anything happen to her” Han Zhuoling scoffed.

“Without me taking action, he would definitely not let Liu Enxiao off.”

“And its not just you.

In this way, he and Liu Enxiao would directly become enemies.

Given Zheng Xuexins character, he would surely not let Liu Enxiao off.”

Without him taking action, he would let Zheng Xuexin and Liu Enxiao bite each others heads off.

Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie understood immediately.

If Han Zhuoling took action, he might even end up being a little considerate.

But Zheng Xuexin would not be considerate at all.

Liu Enxiao probably needed to pray that she might as well have let Han Zhuoling deal with her.

Guo Yujie nodded.

“As long as we dont let Liu Enxiao get away too easily, its fine.

What is she even! Its never good to harm others.

Let her court her own death!”

Shi Xiaoya did not say anything more and bade goodbye to Guo Yujie for the time being.

Guo Yujie waved and sent the two of them off.

The room that Han Zhuoling booked was on a higher floor, so the two of them walked towards the lift.

“Why did you come over” Shi Xiaoya got excited when she saw him previously.

Just that because there were too many things on hand, she did not have the time to express it.

“Theres no why, its just because I missed you.” Han Zhuoling chuckled.

Shi Xiaoya blushed from his flirtatious words.

It was Friday today.

Han Zhuoling had quickly come over after he got off work.

“I booked the room already, but I didnt go and put down my luggage.

I wanted to come and look for you first, then bring you back to my room with me.

Its on the way anyway,” Han Zhuoling explained.

When she heard the last part of what he said, Shi Xiaoya did not know what expression to show.

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