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Chapter 1956: Hes Laughing at Her Weakness

As if a current traveled from her neck to her limbs.

Meanwhile, Han Zhuolings burning lips moved to the corner of her lips, then shifted to her neck.

His teasing finger also journeyed downward along her throat.

His softer and warmer lips replacing his fingers only served to excite her more.

Shi Xiaoya grabbed his shirt tightly, trembling even more than befire.

Her knees grew weak and she almost collasped.

Her legs couldnt support her own weight anymore.

Without Han Zhuolings support on her waist, shed fall bonelessly to the ground.

Just as she began sliding uselessly down, Han Zhuoling finally caught her.

Embracing her again, Han Zhuoling couldnt contain his laughter.

His chuckle was raspy and magnetic, attracting her to go even closer to him.

But Shi Xiaoyas feeling that hes laughing at her weakness.

She became as soft as a noodle after being kissed for merely a short while.

Shi Xiaoya blushed, glaring at him with a pout.

“You… probably hadnt eaten, right” she asked, face burning.

Han Zhuoling pecked her lips before replying, “I had something at the airport.”

“…” Shi Xiaoya took her own sweet time.

“Are you hungry now Should we call for delivery”

Han Zhuoling smiled, knowing what she meant.

He smirked at her, raising a brow.

Shi Xiaoya wilted under his gaze, mustering her courage.

“But… Im hungry!”

Speaking of delivery, Shi Xiaoya remembered, “Yujie and I ordered a delivery before you came.

It hasnt arrived yet, so Im still hungry.”

Han Zhuoling smiled knowingly.

Her words may be true, but her intentions didnt escape Han Zhuoling.

Letting her off, Han Zhuoling kissed her nose tip.

“Then lets order first.

I didnt eat much at the airport anyways.”

Shi Xiaoya nodded, quickly ordering another meal at the same restaurant using her phone.

She was craving mala seafood or she wouldnt have ordered from that restaurant with Guo Yujie.

She was slightly crestfallen about missing out.

Now that Han Zhuoling had agreed, she immediately placed an order.

The previous intimacy was not resumed.

She shifted her luggage to one side, while Han Zhuoling siezed the time to shower, washing off his exhaustion from the day.

Shi Xiaoya took out the items randomly thrown into the luggage just now and rearrange them neatly.

Though shed shared a room with Han Zhuoling before, even sharing the same bed, theyd never put all their items together.

When they were filming before, Han Zhuolings luggage was always in his room; hed only come in person to her room.

Even if he had left some of his things in her home, it wasnt much.

He didnt stay in her home usually, so she didnt feel it much.

Tonight… its as if theyd booked a hotel room together.

Shi Xiaoya couldnt stop her smile stemming from her thoughts.

What a ridiculous analogy!

As Han Zhuoling was bathing, Shi Xiaoya received Guo Yujies WeChat: “Xiaoya, the orders here.

We ordered for two people, I cant finish them by myself.

Do you want to come take some back”

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