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Chapter 1962: I Didnt Expect That You Would Also Do Things in a High Profile Manner

“There are some people who simply do it out of jealousy.

They blame their incapability on others good luck,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Liu Enxiao has a warped mentality.

No matter what kind of circumstances it is, she will be able to come up with a reason for herself to deal with you.”

Shi Xiaoya did not harp on this issue any longer.

She ate supper while watching television together with Han Zhuoling.

“Oh, right. Survivor should be airing today.” Shi Xiaoya glanced at the time and said, “Its just perfect.

The show only started 10 minutes ago, and the third episode happens to be airing today.”

Shi Xiaoya quickly took the remote control and changed the station, all smiles.

Han Zhuoling also recalled it and said, “No wonder Lu Dongliu and the others came back so early.

So they were rushing back to watch the show air.”

Right after he said that, Shi Xiaoya received a mass text message reminder from Chi Xingrui on her phone.

It was a reminder sent to the production team, including the staff and the guests, that the first part of episode three of Survivor would be airing tonight.

Shi Xiaoya replied, “Received.”

After sending out the mass text message, Chi Xingrui saw Shi Xiaoyas reply and replied back, “The episode this time happens to be the third one.

Its full of you and Young Master Lings PDA.

After watching it, remember to comment about how you both feel about watching yourselves doing PDA.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

She forgot about this!

She was just thinking about how she was in the third episode and about how she performed.

As the person involved directly, it was naturally very difficult to notice how lovey-dovey she was being with Han Zhuoling.

Now that Chi Xingrui reminded her, she suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

She watched herself on television together with Han Zhuoling, displaying their affection for each other in front of the national audience.

And in this way, her and Han Zhuolings relationship seemed to not be able to be hidden anymore.

Of course, she had never thought of wanting to hide it either.

Just that announcing it publicly from a television show and letting everyone know was a little… too high profile.

Shi Xiaoya felt extremely nervous.

Even her face started to turn red.

Han Zhuoling noticed it and still had not reacted yet.

“Whats wrong Are you nervous to watch yourself go on a show for the first time”

“Thats part of the reason.” How was Shi Xiaoya supposed to say it

What she felt most nervous about was actually thinking about how she and Han Zhuoling performed on the show.

When they were recording for the third episode, there were many times when she had already forgotten the cameras presence, so she interacted with Han Zhuoling like how she did usually, which was very natural.

Shi Xiaoya felt a little scared now.

She was way too relaxed back then and way too natural.

It would not be too good if she displayed affection for Han Zhuoling openly on camera.

She was really afraid that she did not perform well.

The two of them had already finished supper by now.

Han Zhuoling pulled her into his embrace and increased the volume of the television by a bit more.

“At first, I was thinking about how to announce our relationship to make it a little more grand and high profile,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya almost lifted her hand to dig her ears, but thinking of how this action was quite uncouth and seeing as she still felt embarrassed about being too unreserved in front of Han Zhuoling, she stopped herself right there and then.

But her mouth still fell wide open in shock, so big that she could swallow a whole egg.

Han Zhuoling actually had such a side to him!

Didnt he always keep an especially low profile!

He actually wanted to announce their relationship in a grand and high-profile manner for this matter


Shi Xiaoya felt a little nervous!

“What kind of reaction is that” Han Zhuoling pinched her lips closed.

“Didnt you ever think that I will announce it publicly”

“Its not about that,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Of course I know you wont hide it.

I just didnt expect that you will also do things in a high-profile manner.”

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