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Chapter 1963: Everyone Knows

Before Han Zhuoling returned to the country, everything regarding him outside had merely been hearsay.

After he returned to the country, aside from some essential events, as well as the Han Familys support for Lu Mans activities, he would rarely reveal himself in public and had never publicized himself before.

As for any public social media accounts he had, he rarely used them.

He was way too low profile.

Who would have expected that on this matter, he would actually be worried that it would not be grand or high profile enough

“Thats me when it comes to myself,” Han Zhuoling explained.

“For my own matters, there is no need to publicize grandly.

Its not that I deliberately kept a low profile, I just did not take the initiative to be high profile.”

“But I know our relationship is different.

I have to make those people who have a liking for you completely do away with that idea.

And I just want to let everyone know that you are my girlfriend,” Han Zhuoling said as he hugged her.

Shi Xiaoya felt embarrassed and thought that Han Zhuoling was exaggerating.

He made her sound as if she was loved by everyone.

How was there anyone who liked her

If there was, she would not have been single until now.

Han Zhuoling could see through her thoughts but did not explain.

He would not tell her about Shen Shian and let Shi Xiaoya develop an impression of him just like that.

“Anyway, I just think you are good.

You are so nice, how can you have a lack of suitors” Han Zhuoling seized the chance to praise her.

Shi Xiaoya felt that her own boyfriend was way too good at talking!

“Back then, when Zhuoli announced his relationship publicly with Lu Man, it was during the film festivals award ceremony.

It was super grand and super high profile,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Of course you cant pale in comparison.

But in the meantime, I couldnt find a suitable event of a similar scale to announce it.

When the show airs this time, it could actually give the same effect.”

In terms of the venue, the award ceremony would surely be grander.

A mere variety show would not be able to compare to it.

But in terms of reach and popularity, a variety show would still be better.

So, the two brothers choices had their own advantages to it.

In this way, Shi Xiaoya felt very stressed.

Everyone was going to know about this!

“Watch the show,” Han Zhuoling reminded Shi Xiaoya.

He also looked forward to how the two of them would look like on camera together in the show.

He wondered how much the production team edited out.

Because before the editing, Lu Dongliu already asked him about it before.

Han Zhuoling said that they did not need to deliberately hide his relationship with Shi Xiaoya, so when editing, they should prioritize their variety show effects above all else.

Of course, they definitely could not give the audience the wrong impression that he was not on good terms with Shi Xiaoya.

They could not use negative incidents to generate popularity for the show.

Of course, Lu Dongliu would not do that.

Hence, he could be assured to edit boldly.

There was no need to avoid carefully and insist on editing out the scenes of Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya displaying affection.

The show was now airing the initial part where the production crew did their self-introduction.

When Han Zhuoling reminded Shi Xiaoya to watch, it happened to be Shi Xiaoyas turn to introduce herself and then draw the lot.

In the end, of course Shi Xiaoya picked the lot to be a guest on the show.

Right after that, the people in black blindfolded them all.

In the scene, Shi Xiaoya was clearly very nervous, and her face paled a little.

“So this was how I looked like back then.” Shi Xiaoya could not help but scold herself.

“I look so dumb! Looking at it now, actually, there was really nothing to be scared of.

Why was I so scared at that time”

“Because its different when you experience it for yourself compared to just watching from the sidelines.

In the first episode, the guests were also nervous.

Did you think they only pretended to be nervous just to create the variety effect for the show Actually, its the opposite.

If they just kept talking to show that they are very nervous, it will appear as if they are only doing it for show and are hiding their true feelings.”

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