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Chapter 1967: This Kind of Fake Woman, Theres No Need to Care About Her at All

However, at that time, even though she did not have any other thoughts about Han Zhuoling, it wasnt that she did not like him but that she did not dare to.

Actually, deep down, she already admired him.

There were many things that were beyond ones control.

That was why after she got misunderstood by him at that time, she was so angry and upset.

If it were someone else, she might not have been that angry and might have forgotten about it after being angry about it for a while.

It would not be like her attitude towards Han Zhuoling, whom she did not want to forgive even after a long period of time.

So, if Han Zhuoling wanted to say it as such, he was right as well.

But Shi Xiaoya was too embarrassed to admit that she already liked him at that time.

She quickly turned her head back to the television.

Han Zhuoling had long seen through her thoughts.

“Never mind.

Anyway, all that matters is that Ive had feelings for you since a long time ago.”

He lowered his head.

His lips were just about to touch her ears before he stopped abruptly.

His hot breaths landed right on her ear.

At this moment, he then slowly said, “Actually, its even earlier than the first episode.

It was probably at the film festival when you covered my wound for me.

I started having some feelings for you then.”

His breaths caressed Shi Xiaoyas ear as he spoke.

Her ear tingled and a big patch around it had already reddened.

She could not even focus now.

At that moment, the show happened to be showing the production crew member dressed in the red outfit and flashing across the camera, accompanied by the “tap tap tap tap” sound of footsteps.

Besides the fact that she had personally experienced it right there and then, even when she saw it now, Shi Xiaoya still got scared until she got goosebumps and her hairs stood on their ends.

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself that, luckily, Han Zhuoling came over tonight.

Or else, if she and Guo Yujie watched this in their room, the two of them would be scared out of their wits, unable to console each other.

Shi Xiaoya did not care about anything else at this moment.

She just turned and hugged Han Zhuolings waist and buried herself in his arms.

“Why is the official broadcast of the show even scarier than the actual scene! Its really a waste of Director Lus talents for him not to direct horror films!” Shi Xiaoya was scared stiff.

Han Zhuoling could not help but laugh.

This little girl, she could still be so talkative even when she was so scared.

How could she look so cute even when she was scared

This time, Shi Xiaoya no longer got scolded by netizens for her scared expression.

Even they felt scared just looking at it through the screen, much less when Shi Xiaoya was present at the scene at that time.

Even with a cameraman following around, it was still very scary.

Didnt they see that the cameraman, who was a grown man, didnt even dare to take the lead

At the moment when Shi Xiaoya screamed “Han Zhuoling”—

The netizens exploded and ushered in a climatic wave.

“What the f*ck! What did Shi Xiaoya scream out Did I hear it wrongly”

“You didnt hear wrongly.

She just screamed out Han Zhuolings name.”

“Is there something going on between the two of them When they first set off, Han Zhuoling even went to hold her hand and protect her.

This time, when Shi Xiaoya was scared, she actually screamed Han Zhuolings name right away.”

“Whats going on Can the shippers stop bringing the rhythm up Han Zhuoling is just a gentleman who takes care of female guests.

If you dont believe it, just wait for the online screenshots that will be uploaded later.

Han Zhuoling was definitely only being a gentleman at that time.”


Shi Xiaoya definitely did it on purpose.

She purposely pretended to be weak so that she will incite others to protect her.

Haha, what skills.”

“Han Zhuoling is just too gentlemanly.

This kind of fake woman, theres no need to care about her at all.”

“Previously, she was already trying to ride on Han Zhuolings popularity.

This time, shes on the same show as Han Zhuoling.

Of course she would have to seize this opportunity.”

“Out of all the names she could have shouted in the underground palace, she had to shout Han Zhuolings name.

Thats way too deliberate.”

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