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Chapter 1990: Image Already Destroyed

Someone sent out a photo of Liu Enxiao.

Liu Enxiaos photo was not very difficult to find.

Liu Enxiao liked to upload her selfies online.

And she was a makeup artist, so her 3-pointer appearance could turn into a 7-pointer after makeup was applied.

She naturally had nothing to fear.

“After Level 10 beauty filters, she still looks so average.

How desperate must Zheng Xuexin be to have designs on her There must definitely be something more to this.

It could very well be Liu Enxiao who deliberately wanted to frame him.

Anyway, I wont believe that Zheng Xuexin would take a liking to her and even want to force himself on her even after she refused.”

“Zheng Xuexin clearly looked very angry and looked as if he had been wronged.”


Hes an actor.

Could he not have this bit of acting skills What do you mean theres no need to force himself on her just because she looks average This logic is very puzzling.

Besides the fact that this point is debatable, Zheng Xuexin beat Liu Enxiao into this state.

This is a fact, right Zheng Xuexins gentlemanly image is already destroyed.”

These videos and photos were used by many media outlets as well.

They all wrote and posted their own news articles.

After some time, all kinds of “insiders” appeared on the Internet.

“My classmates uncle happens to work at the police station that Zheng Xuexin went to.

Zheng Xuexin hasnt come out yet.

Liu Enxiao wants to sue him for deliberate assault.

The hospitals examination report of her injuries had already come out, but his uncle refused to reveal too much about the details of the situation.

He just said that her injuries were very severe.”

There was also an “insider” who said, “I was at the hotel then.

I personally saw Liu Enxiao being beaten up really badly.

When the police escorted her away, she was trembling from head to toe.

The sound when Zheng Xuexin hit Liu Enxiao was very loud.

Liu Enxiao screamed really tragically and kept begging for mercy.

When the production team people heard, they went over to try to stop it, but the door was locked from the inside.

Zheng Xuexins assistant also helped with the abuse.

No matter how the production team shouted, they would not open the door, so they called the police.”

“Why didnt the production team ask for the hotel staff to open the door” someone asked.

“Look at the photos and videos.

She had been beaten up so badly.

Even if they opened the door, the production team would not have been able to mitigate the situation.

It was better to just call the police.”

After the “insiders” retreated, it was time for the paparazzi and those gossip accounts to reign.

Expert On Watching Drama From The Sidelines: “I just received news.

Liu Enxiao went to the hospital to have her injuries examined.

She wants to sue Zheng Xuexin for deliberate assault.

It depends on the outcome of Liu Enxiaos injuries examination report.

However, I asked a lawyer about Liu Enxiaos situation.

Zheng Xuexins crime is not big.

Even if he really ended up in jail, the maximum sentence would not be longer than a year.”

Eight Skin Entertainment: “I heard that Liu Enxiao is a real piece of work.

She was originally only an internal makeup artist for Dong Hua Station.

She was only a replacement for the Survivor production team.

Afterward, when Yuan Yina left the makeup artist team for Survivor, they let Liu Enxiao fill the gap at the last minute.

Liu Enxiao isnt famous in the industry and wants to use this show to make it out on her own.

She caused all kinds of problems in the production team and made the other makeup artists unable to get along with her.”

Eight Skin Entertainment did not finish the story, but the meaning behind left a lot of room for interpretation.

Especially for netizens who were very willing to use their imagination.

After seeing that, someone guessed and said, “I think it takes two hands to clap.

Although Zheng Xuexin isnt any decent fellow, theres probably a reason for him to have hit someone.

Before the truth is out, I wont state my stand.”

“I also think so.

I wonder if Liu Enxiao and Zheng Xuexin had something in between them But to say he wanted to take advantage of her, Liu Enxiao is the only one saying that.

What the truth is exactly is still hard to say.”

At this moment, a netizen sent a screenshot and said, “I saw this on a discussion forum a few years ago.

When I first saw it, I could not believe it.

Looking at it now, I think its true.”

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