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Chapter 2008: From Now on, a King Will Never Go to Court Early

His heart also lit up alongside this little girls unexpected change in expression.

No wonder he would feel happy the moment he saw Shi Xiaoya and could not help but want to smile.

This girl trusted him so much and loved him so wholeheartedly, yet she had never sought to hide it.

She was so bright and charming—how could he not like her

“You didnt recognize where you are” Han Zhuoling asked, laughing.

Shi Xiaoya nodded honestly.

“When I just woke up, I was stunned for a moment.”

She was naked beneath the covers.

With the covers wrapped around herself now, only her smooth and silky shoulders were exposed, and they even had some love bites hed left behind.

On her fair and smooth skin, they blushed red alluringly.

Han Zhuoling just sat down and pulled her, together with the covers, right into his arms.

All he saw was the seductive redness on her shoulders.

As she moved, the redness swayed in front of his eyes too.

Han Zhuolings throat moistened up.

He lowered his head and left a new, even more stunningly red mark on her shoulder.

The redness spread from Shi Xiaoyas scalp to her shoulders, then continued spreading downwards.

Out of curiosity, Han Zhuoling wanted to lift the covers to look.

Shi Xiaoya reacted quickly this time and quickly pressed down tight on the covers, not letting him look.

It was fine when her mind was in a blur last night.

Now that it was daylight, she felt shy.

Han Zhuoling did not insist either.

He could look again tonight when they came back.

“Why are you up so early” Han Zhuoling asked as he hugged her from behind.

As he said that, he did not slack.

He kissed her temples, the corners of her eyes, and sometimes even the tips of her ears.

“I probably knew subconsciously when I was sleeping that you were beside me, but when I rolled over and wanted to hug you, I realized that there was no one beside me, so I couldnt sleep anymore,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Although when she woke up just now, she felt a little dazed, while she was sleeping, shed known subconsciously that Han Zhuoling was beside her.

And when she was sleeping, there was constantly a life-sized bolster for her to hug.

It was warm and comfortable.

Yet when she rolled around just now, that life-sized bolster was gone.

The space beside her also felt a little cold, and she did not feel as warm as she did before.

She just felt that there was something missing, so she woke up.

When Han Zhuoling heard Shi Xiaoya say that, a moving image of it popped up in his mind.

Suddenly, he really wanted to see her rolling on the bed right before his eyes.

For the first time, Han Zhuoling did not want to go to work so early anymore.

With Shi Xiaoya around, he did not want to leave so early.

Anyway, he had not changed into his going-out clothes.

He then exerted some more strength and pushed Shi Xiaoya back down on the bed.

“Then you can sleep for a while more, Ill hug you to sleep.”

Shi Xiaoya knew of his early morning work habit.

The sky had already brightened up now.

Although it was not completely daytime yet, the light was still quite sufficient.

She was not wearing anything at all beneath the covers.

Being hugged by Han Zhuoling like now, even with a layer of covers between them, she still felt as if there was no obstruction in between.

“Youre not going to work” Shi Xiaoya asked in shock.

Han Zhuoling hugged her and said, “I wont go so early today.

I will go to work on time.”

Shi Xiaoya stared at him in shock.

She totally did not expect it.

Suddenly, a phrase popped up in her mind.

From now on, a king will never go to court early.

Thinking of that, she felt a little thick-skinned.

She was not the most beautiful woman in the country who had bewitched him until he lost his senses.

But even then, she also knew that Han Zhuoling probably only broke his usual habit because of her.

First, he started getting off work on time in the evening, and now, he even forwent going to work on time in the morning.

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