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Chapter 2012: With the Nourishment of Love, It Was Indeed Different

Xia Yixin got so angry that she pursed her lips tightly, the skin around the corners of her lips twitching in anger.

She really did not expect that Han Zhuoling would actually have such a devoted side to him.

In the past, before she divorced Han Zhuoling, she was his wife.

But Han Zhuoling had never gone out of his way to drive her anywhere in his car.

Although she did not need to work, he did not drive her to other places either.

And forget about him having such moments of being reluctant to part with her.

Han Zhuoling even felt that just looking at her was a waste of time in the past!

No matter how she tried, she was not able to attract Han Zhuoling.

But now, he got divorced not long ago and he was already being clingy with Shi Xiaoya the next moment.

Even if he got together with another woman, if he treated her the same way he did her, it would have been fine.

Yet he treated Shi Xiaoya so specially, so nicely.

How could Xia Yixin take it lying down

What right did Shi Xiaoya have, for her to not lift a finger and be able to get what Xia Yixin had always wanted but was never able to get

All those things that she had so desperately wanted to get from Han Zhuoling, but Han Zhuoling had been so miserly towards her, never wanting to give her anything.

Yet after his divorce, he gave them to some other woman in the blink of an eye!

How could Xia Yixin accept it!


Han Zhuoling reached the company.

When the employees in the Han Corporation saw that Han Zhuoling actually came in for work at such a time, they were instantly shocked.

As Survivor was super popular, most of the Han Corporations employees also watched it.

Especially after Han Zhuoling announced his relationship in such a high-profile manner.

As long as they could get online, there was no one who did not know.

They did not expect that the usually cold and arrogant First Young Master Han would actually be so high profile and pampering when he was in love!

The Han Family brothers were really something.

Not one of them went the low-profile way.

Of course, although he was high profile, it was not done for the sake of popularity.

Speaking of that, it was quite interesting.

As long as they announced it, that meant they had decided on walking together until the very end and being together forever.

Not just the Han Family.

Which one from the eight great families was not like that

So when Han Zhuoling announced his relationship in a high-profile manner, even though the two of them had just gotten together not long ago, nobody miraculously thought they would break up.

One had to acknowledge the reputation of the Han brothers.

It was way too good.

The confidence they gave people was way too great.

This was the first time Han Zhuoling showed up after announcing his relationship publicly.

Although the employees did not dare to look at him openly, they still secretly cast their glances on Han Zhuoling.

Needless to say, with the nourishment of love, it was indeed different.

Han Zhuoling looked radiant and was all smiles, looking especially energetic.

And the rarest thing was, Han Zhuoling usually reached the company at 6 AM.

But today, he only arrived at 9 AM!

He was late for a total of three hours!

After Han Zhuoling left, the employees began to whisper and discuss discreetly.

“Did you see how Young Master Ling smiled just now”

“I saw it, I saw it.

Its really too amazing.

I have never seen him smile in person before.

When I watched Survivor, his smile was usually short-lived, but I thought back then that it was because he was filming so he did not feel good about maintaining a cold face.

Now that I think about it, it might be because Shi Xiaoya was beside him.

Even though she was not in view, Shi Xiaoya was definitely following him at the side, just that she was not shown on screen.”

“Yes, yes.

Did you watch the newest episode”

“I watched it! Young Master Ling really smiled a lot in it.”

“Thats all for Shi Xiaoya.

I carefully observed it.

As long as Young Master Ling was looking at Shi Xiaoya, he would not be able to help it and smile.”

“My goodness! So sweet!”

“Shi Xiaoya is so formidable too.

She actually managed to take down Young Master Ling.”

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