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Chapter 2021: I Dont Need It!

After saying that, Han Zhuoling rocked Shi Xiaoya a little and said, “Then what did you say to her”

“I said, well, youre so good.

Whoever let go first is the dumbf*ck.” As Shi Xiaoya said that, she was looking very proud.

Her chin had lifted slightly subconsciously.

Han Zhuoling thought that if Shi Xiaoya also showed such an attitude when talking to Xia Yixin, she definitely must have angered Xia Yixin to death.

Wasnt Shi Xiaoya basically telling Xia Yixin that she was a dumbf*ck

After saying that, Shi Xiaoya then blushed and explained softly, “I was also angry then.

Its definitely not because of the words she said.

I just thought shes so ridiculous.

Didnt she know what she did She still dreamed of wanting to patch up with you.

I dont usually talk so coarsely.

Anyway, even we were to have a spat again, I would still say that.

“As long as I can anger her to no end, I dont care about anything else,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Hearing that, Han Zhuoling could not help but laugh.

His laughter was only rolling in his throat at first.

But afterward, he could no longer hold back.

He hugged Shi Xiaoya and rested his head on her shoulder.

In the end, he laughed until his whole body was shaking.

Even Shi Xiaoya felt helpless.

She did speak roughly, but it was not to the point that he should laugh to this extent.

Han Zhuoling had already laughed for a long time.

Shi Xiaoya pushed him a little.

Han Zhuoling then said, “Dont push.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

“Why are you so cute” Han Zhuoling continued to rest on her shoulder and refused to get up.

He laughed until tears welled in his eyes.

Shi Xiaoya asked cautiously, “You dont think I spoke coarsely”

“No.” Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “Anyway, youre not wrong.”

Shi Xiaoya then felt a little proud.

On his end, Tong Chunian had already blacklisted Xia Yixin.

To help his boss return the money, he could only find her WeChat again and add her.

Xia Yixin accepted the request very quickly.

She did not care why Tong Chunian added her now.

Tong Chunian was Han Zhuolings assistant, after all, and she could not get close to Han Zhuoling right now.

No matter what methods they were, as long as it could help her get slightly closer to Han Zhuoling, she would be happy.

So, she very quickly accepted Tong Chunians friend request.

Tong Chunian then quickly typed, “Hello, Miss Xia.

Young Master Ling already knows about the matter wherein you paid for Miss Shis lunch this afternoon.

Young Master Ling asked me to tell you that his girlfriends expenses will all be borne by him as her boyfriend, so you dont need to worry about it.”

After saying that, he immediately transferred Xia Yixin 500 yuan.

Xia Yixin indeed burst into anger.

She was in the hospital having her burn wounds treated right now.

Although the skin on her face and hands had been scalded really red, she luckily did not get blisters from the burn.

When she saw Tong Chunians words now, she was really about to explode from anger!

Shi Xiaoya, that little b*tch, she actually went to complain to Han Zhuoling!

And Han Zhuoling clearly wanted to draw a line with her.

And he even teamed up with Shi Xiaoya.

It was Shi Xiaoyas meal, but he paid for her.

It felt like a mockery to Xia Yixin.

They had been husband and wife before, but their only form of contact now could only be through his assistant!

In the past, shed spent Han Zhuolings money freely.

But now, Han Zhuoling was letting another woman spend his money, and he even helped Shi Xiaoya return money to her!

Xia Yixin was so enraged that she shuddered.

Of course, it was also because her hands hurt.

She replied to Tong Chunian, “I dont need it! The bill I paid for Shi Xiaoya, I dont need him to help Shi Xiaoya return it!”

But in the end, she could not return the money.

The system had notified her that she and Tong Chunian were not friends.

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