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Chapter 2022: Im Not the One Who Started It

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So, Tong Chunian blocked her right after sending the money.

Meanwhile, in Han Zhuolings office.

When Han Zhuoling was finally done laughing, he sat upright, but he still hugged Shi Xiaoya and did not let go.

“Then did she hurt you” Han Zhuoling was still worried and looked at Shi Xiaoya carefully.

“Did you get injured”

Looking at her face, he saw there was not much problem, and it had no palm print either.

Han Zhuoling then lifted her hand to look, but there were no injuries there either.

He rolled up her sleeves to check.

Her arms were fine too.

Then, Han Zhuoling wanted to tug at her collar.

Shi Xiaoya quickly stopped him.

If she did not stop him, he would probably strip her naked in the office.

“Im fine, I didnt get injured,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“But you actually reminded me.

It was Xia Yixin who did,” Shi Xiaoya said upon recalling it.

“Oh” Han Zhuoling was assured when he heard Shi Xiaoya say that she did not get injured.

Hearing that it was actually Xia Yixin who suffered under Shi Xiaoyas hands, he became even more elated.

Not only did this young lady not get injured, but she even punished her enemy.

What a good thing this was.

Thinking of it, it made sense.

Previously, when Jiang Yuhan went to be a guest at the National Film Academy, she also tried to make things difficult for Shi Xiaoya.

But Shi Xiaoya did not lose out then.

He knew that Shi Xiaoya had a good temper.

If you did not provoke her, she would have a really gentle and soft temperament.

But if you provoked her, she would also let the other party know that she was not one to be trifled with.

Look, now, when Xia Yixin came to find trouble with Shi Xiaoya, it was actually Xia Yixin who suffered.

“How did you do it” Han Zhuoling asked out of mild curiosity.

Shi Xiaoya was afraid that Han Zhuoling would think she was too ruthless, but she did not hide it from him and just said, “I splashed a whole pot of hot tea over her.

“Im not the one who started it though!” Shi Xiaoya immediately explained.

Seeing Shi Xiaoyas reaction, for some reason, Han Zhuoling thought of a joke.

Master, whether you believe it or not, the food started it first!

Han Zhuoling could not help but lift his hand and rub the top of her fluffy head twice.

“So cute.”

Her face was filled with question marks.

No, wait, she was the one whod burned someone else.

Regardless of who was in the right or wrong, for now, she had just displayed her fighting prowess.

Why did Han Zhuoling still look as if she was the cutest thing in the world

She had just fought it out with someone!

He did not think she was a shrew, and he even gave her a look of approval.

This was way too indulgent!

Han Zhuoling unintentionally made Shi Xiaoya feel that he was cute too.

“Was the tea hot enough” Han Zhuoling asked.

“Huh” Shi Xiaoya was unsure what Han Zhuoling meant, so she said honestly, “It should be fine, but her skin reddened from the burn.

Because the teapot still had a bit of cooled-down tea left inside, even if hot water was added, it wasnt boiling hot, or else she would have gotten blisters from the burn.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Then thats not serious.”

Did Han Zhuoling mean that she went too easy on her

Shi Xiaoya still felt that she had to explain a little, that she was not someone who would strike at someone for nothing.

“I was preempting her move, so I asked the waiter to refill the pot with hot water.

She purposely provoked me earlier, but I didnt take the hook.

Didnt I tell her, whoever let go first… is the dumbf*ck” When she said that, Shi Xiaoyas voice trailed off at the last two words.

But Han Zhuoling did not seem to mind at all and smiled as he caressed the top of her head again.

“The words I said actually provoked her.” Shi Xiaoya thought about it and felt that Xia Yixin probably also realized she was a dumbf*ck.

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